Update History

Date Description
2017-12 Titles and emblems introduced
Auto-equip all support
New / updated ailments: Silence, Change ban, Sleep
New boss behavior and power-up indicator
2017-10-31 All-Special (EX) (Kureha) card introduced
2017-10-26 Dual SA introduced
Character Training
Item Exchange Center: Emerald Shop added
SNS binding options: LINE added
2017-08-24 Cancel bonus introduced
Damage display enhanced
Max damage record displayed
2017-07-27 New enemies

Clear rank bonuses introduced
Alliance missions added

2017-07-10 1st Storm Showdown
2017-06-29 Improved party edit interface (save 6 parties)
Item Exchange Center: Ruby Shop added
2017-05-25 Warehouse added
2017-04-21 1st Voiced SA
2017-04-20 Base 5* cards can be evolved to 7*
Shorter cooldown time for higher SA level
Skill / SA element display updated
Physical element split into Bash and Slash types
New gimmicks: Barrel bomb and recovery chest
New enemies
2017-03-07 Interface overhaul (My Page, lobbies introduced)
New quests matching system
Stamina feature removed
2017-01-26 Type level introduced
2017-01-14 All evo quests now run on weekends
2017-01-07 Faction cards introduced
2016-12-15 Type Action introduced
Quick Move introduced
Beginner Challenge added
2016-11-24 Faction system introduced
Skills and SAs now enhanced by Attack stat
STR new formula (previously capped at 90k)
Formula for fusing skills and SAs adjusted
2016-10-31 All-Special (Kureha) card introduced
2016-10-27 Party edit (save 3 parties)
Character and scene cards menu interface updated
MVP calculations revised
Support character slots increased from 2 to 5
Battle adjustments
Character stickers introduced in battle
2016-10-13 All-Skill (Hiluluk) card introduced
2016-09-15 Changes to elemental damage and display
Player Rank limit increased from 50 to 99
2016-09-08 1st Mode Change SA 
2016-08-25 Evolve materials can be upgraded
Separate evo card inventory added
Characters can be upgraded to 7*
Item Exchange Centre added 
2016-08-13 1st Toughest Event
2016-08-05 Story Mode Update: Water 7 added
2016-07-23 All Medals introduced
2016-07-21 Support character system implemented
MVP system implemented
Skill / SA stats increased
Character stickers introduced in lobby
2016-07-06 Inventory size increased from 150 to 500
2016-06-27 SNS binding options: Twitter added
2016-06-25 1st Thousand Fest
2016-06-24 New Gimmick: Transponder Snail Watch Tower
2016-06-23 STR to include stats of equipped skills / SA
Character can equip a 3rd skill
SNS binding options: Facebook added
2016-06-08 Luck system revised
2016-06-06 Story Mode Update: Alabasta added
2016-05-27 Storm characters introduced
2016-05-27 1st Fame Event
2016-04-27 1st Character Medal Event, 1st gacha, in-app purchase begins


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