Type Gacha

27 Jan 15:00 ~ 2 Feb 14:59

If you have been running short on scene cards to buff the stats of your many units, especially now that Type Level is here, now is your chance!

For your first multipull in each of the 6 Gacha, you will get 11 cards of that Type, and one of them is guaranteed to be a 5* regular scene card (non-skill, non-Special). Remember to check the Lineup to make sure you know what you might get.

Type Gacha will run on the following schedule. Each gacha will start and stop at 15:00 JST,

  • 27/1 ~ 28/1 : Vanguard
  • 28/1 ~ 29/1 : Warrior
  • 29/1 ~ 30/1 : Ambusher
  • 30/1 ~ 31/1 : Mid-guard
  • 31/1 ~ 1/2 : Sniper
  • 1/2 ~ 2/2 : Support


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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    For anyone interested:
    Type Levels from 2 to 8 need 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550 and 600 Type EXP respectively, which means that you need 3150 total type exp to max a card’s Type Level.
    3* cards give 10 Type EXP, 4* cards give 300 Type EXP, 5* cards give 1500 Type EXP. The EXP value of *-upgraded cards is the value of their base stars.

    So if you want to max out a card’s Type level by solely relying on 3* drops from quests, you’d need 315 of those. I think that’s pretty reasonable, since it makes 3* scene drops from quests useful and enables you to maximize the Type level of your strongest cards as a long-term goal.
    I mean, at least you can see your characters get stronger continuously if you build up your Type levels mostly by using free card drops.

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