Trail of Adventure Update

New Super Advanced levels will be added to the Trail of Adventure island. These quests are available from 9 June 15:00 to 17 June 23:59. If you clear all the new quests, you will receive a top tier scene card, and your name will be listed on OPTS official wiki for a period.

The Storm Characters for these stages are:

  • NW Nami
  • NW Robin
  • NW Zoro
  • NW Sanji
  • NW Usopp
  • NW Chopper

(includes their costumed versions)

There are also Storm Factions, which differ depending on the quest you challenge.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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  1. px-5 says:

    can u hep me me fr clear vs kurohige?

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