Tips for Toughest Event: Light of Extermination

Here are some tips for those playing the latest toughest event for Samurai Jinbei!

Information gathered from official wiki and our own experience.

General Tips

  • Consider elemenatal weaknesses and resistance when choosing characters for your party (see below for details on each boss)
  • Use the storm characters or characters from the storm faction if you have them strong
  • At least one crowd-clearer to deal with the swarms of mobs
  • Have at least 1 player equipped with a character that can heal the party (e.g. Chopper with Panacea)
  • Clear in 7 minutes to get S rank
  • Watch out for the warning signs of oncoming attacks and use Quick Move to get out of the red zone before you get hit or long range attackers to avoid getting too close

1. Level 120: Pacifista x 2

  • Elemental weakness: Pacifista – Lightning (-100), Special (-35)
  • Elemental resistance: Pacifista – None
  • Watch out for Pacifista’s hammering and laser beam attacks.
  • Warning signs for Pacifista:
    i. Hammering attack – a red circle appears before the attack
    ii. Laser beam attack – a long rectangular strip extending from Pacifista appears before the move
  • Demo video:

2. Level 125: Sentomaru and Pacifista

  • Elemental weakness: Sentomaru – Special (-35) | Pacifista – Lightning (-100), Special (-35)
  • Elemental resistance: Sentomaru – Lighting (+40), Gravity (+40) | Pacifista – None
  • Aim to take down Sentomaru first as Sentomaru’s attack increases if Pacifista is taken down first (in this state, Sentomaru’s attacks come with critical damage that may kill in one hit – according to the OPTS wiki)
  • Evade Pacifista’s attacks the same way as you did for the first stage.
  • Disrupt Sentomaru’s skills use as they give him increased physical defense. Use characters with elemental attacks and longer range attackers.
  • Warning signs for Sentomaru:
    i. A red circle appears around Sentomaru – deflects physical attack
    ii. A short rectangular strip extending in front of Kizaru – pushes player away
  • Demo video:

3. Level 175: Kizaru and Sentomaru

  • The highest level yet! But fear not and attempt to proceed bravely, my friends! (Or die trying)
  • Elemental weakness: Kizaru – Water (-100), Special (-100) | Sentomaru – Special (-35)
  • Elemental resistance: Kizaru: Lightning (+90), Wind (+40), Gravity (+90) | Sentomaru – Lighting (+40), Gravity (+40)
  • When Kizaru’s HP has decreased to less than half, the frequency of his use of his special with high damage and wide AOE is higher.
  • Confusion and stun effect is rampant with Kizaru all over the place, try to avoid his attacks
  • Warning signs for Kizaru:
    i. A rectangle appears in front of Kizaru – leaves players stunned
    ii. A red circle appears very briefly around Kizaru followed by the attack (hard to avoid for close range attackers) – leaves players confused
    iii. when Kizaru elevates into the air, it will be followed by wide area attack in front of him
  • Demo video:

If you have any tips not covered here, please share in the comments!


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