Tips for Toughest Event: Den of Giant Zombie Creatures 1/3

Information gathered from official wiki, other players’ sharing, and our own experience.

Recommended party member(s):

NW Sanji and NW Brook are part of the Storm characters, so they get 30% boost to HP and attack, and have skills useful for this stage.

Recommended support skill(s):

Reduces chance of Wound effect

  • Pre-TS Chopper + Pre-TS Usopp =
  • Pre-TS Luffy + Garp
  • NW Luffy + Rebecca
  • NW Law + Corazon

Personally, the support skills did not seem to make much difference, and we used 5 Vanguards as support instead to maximally boost the HP of our party members.

Boss Data: Giant Elephant
Weak to: Ice-element
Main attacks: Log Throw, Trunk Slap (stun effect), Charge, Gust

General Strategy

  • We suggest at least 80k (some say 85k) in overall stats for each of your members, before you even think of attempting Toughest stages.
  • As usual, Chopper with Panacea is a must. At least 2 should be in the party. NW Chopper is great. While both Choppers’ regular attack is Ice-type, NW Chopper throws about twice as fast as his Pre-TS form, and can wear the boss’ HP down surprisingly quickly. (External video of NW Chopper’s damage here)
  • At least one crowd-clearer to deal with the swarms of mobs in stage 1-2. If you don’t clear them fast enough, they are more than enough to kill off you and your allies one by one. Fujitora with a high-level Special is a top choice for his wide range and at a high enough level, his Special can KO the mobs in one hit, and as a bonus, is a Vanguard so he can take more hits between the Panacea cool-downs.
  • High Special attack to kill the boss, preferably Ice-type. Generally speaking, we recommended that your Special be at least level 5 or above for a reasonable chance to defeat the Toughest bosses in the time limit.
  • For stat cards, we recommend prioritizing HP. In the case of NW Chopper, or other Ice-type fighters, consider replacing their skill cards for high attack stat cards if you want to rely on their regular attacks to do damage.

Giant Elephant Strategy
When you’re up front attacking, it tends to hit you with its trunk (Trunk Slap), causing stun, and follow it up with either a Charge — it goes backwards to gear up and rams into you — or a Gust of ‘wind’ from its trunk that sends you flying to the edge of the map. The only thing you can do is to watch its movements and try to hit-and-run to avoid being caught up in the combo attack. Thankfully, if you keep your health up, which is a must in Toughest stages, you can usually survive this even if you get hit.

The attack to really look out for is Log Throw, which can KO even a full-health vanguard because of its high damage and higher Wound effect if you take the hit right on. Fortunately, it is avoidable. Once you see it lift a log, if you are right in front, just stay put it will miss you cleanly, otherwise, start running backwards to put distance between the log and you, and watch for the shadow of the log when thrown, and move out of the way to run back to the elephant. If it’s too late to move away, some characters have skills to dodge attacks, such as NW Sanji’s Skywalk and NW Brook’s Quinte Tierce Fantasia, if you know to activate them at the right timing. If you are unlucky and the log hits you, switch character immediately to stop the Wound effect from killing your character. For this reason, try not to switch character at other times unless absolutely necessary, so that they will not be locked in cool-down when you need to switch.


If you have any tips not covered here, please share in the comments!


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