The Challenge Quest’s objective is to defeat Monet with Caesar and NW Chopper in your party. Doing so will earn you two rainbow coins (one from each difficulty) from the Mission page each day for 3 days for a total of 6 coins.

There are 2 stages to this quest, both with a lot of snipers mid-bosses, so the difficulty is once again in surviving. Here are some tips that may help you:

  1. As the mobs keep spawning in all directions, they can very quickly overwhelm glass cannons. We recommend having teammates that can tank and/or heal, since the most important thing to do is to survive the mobs. Examples of tanks are Luffy, Zoro and Chinjao and for healers – Rebecca, Swimsuit Sanji and especially Chopper.
  2. In fact, Pre-TS/NW Chopper’s Special Skill Panacea (万能薬) is extremely useful here since it heals all characters in battle, including the ones that are in passive status, so long as they have not been KO-ed, so try to keep all units alive. Switch your unit out if they’re going to be KO-ed and wait for Panacea to get their HP back up.
  3. Note that NW Chopper‘s skill heals status, but not HP. So if you do not have his Special skill card from the gacha, you can’t heal HP at all.
  4. Be sure to clear the snipers, before focusing on other types of mobs. It would be useful to have tankers use skills that can deal damage of a wide range, e.g. NW-Luffy’s Jet Gatling, as such skills can not only deal damage to many mobs in one go, they can also help disperse the mobs to prevent from being swarmed over.
  5. If you have Panacea in your party, it’s probably better to leave the sniper mid-bosses alone and concentrate on Monet. The mid-bosses take too long to kill to be worth it. Endure their hits and hope your healer heals you in time. Also charge Monet when she falls below 50% HP to get the battle over with or the mobs will keep spawning.

Demo video

Good luck!

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