The Challenge Quest’s objective is to defeat Busoshoku Haki Vergo with both Monet and Caesar in your party. Doing so will earn you a rainbow coin from the Mission page. Vergo of Very Hard mode turns out to be one of the hardest fights to date, especially if your Monet and Caesar are not particularly strong. Here are some tips that may help you:

  1. Busoshoku Haki Vergo is immune to stun, and resists physical (non-elemental) damage. Therefore, characters like Mihawk and Lucy (Sabo) are not very effective against him. Try to bring teammates with elemental attack such as Ace, Crocodile, Nami, Brook, etc.
  2. There are a lot of mobs in the both stages. Most of the elemental units are Snipers or Middle Guards and they can die very quickly if they’re caught in the mobs. We recommend having Ace or Crocodile to clear the mobs quickly. Optionally include a tank unit to survive the wave of mobs at the boss, and then bring out your glass cannon when Vergo is mostly alone.
  3. The mobs keep spawning in large waves at the boss stage. Make sure to clear them, especially the snipers, before focusing on the boss together. Brook’s skill, which confuses a small area of enemies, is a good way to reduce damage done to your team. It can even work on Vergo if you’re lucky.
  4. The sleep effect from Monet’s skill also works on Vergo sometimes. Same with the slow effect from Crocodile’s skill.
  5. If you are attempting the mission, try to only bring Monet out to attack Vergo when the mobs are cleared. Caesar is somewhat better at surviving and cutting down the mobs.

Demo Video

Team overall stats for reference:

  • Monet: 74k
  • Caesar: 76k
  • Ace: 64k
  • Luffy: 72k
  • Ace: 66k
  • Brook: 72k

Good luck!

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