Thousand Fest to begin!

According to the official twitter on 8 September, OPTS will have another Thousand Fest in 7 days’ time (see the previous one here). There will be 5 phases, running for a period of 10 days, featuring 9 “very strong characters”. The twitter will update daily with news on the Fest.

The first multipull in each phase will cost only 30 coins!

Phase 1:

Jinbei’s Vagabond Drill (Buraikan) and Ace’s Fire Fist

Phase 2:

New Special Attack for NW Luffy – Gear 4!

Phase 3:

Kizaru’s Laser Shousha and Fujitora’s Inseki Otoshi

Phase 4:

Mihawk’s Kokuto: Sanren Shou and Crocodile’s Desert la Spada

Phase 5:
Kaku’s Rankyaku Hakurai and a new Special attack for Lucci: Rankyaku Gaichou

Check this page for updates!


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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11 Responses

  1. jamsss says:

    phase 1 that only special gacha jinbe and ace ?
    or rerun jinbei and ace?
    i hope rerun

  2. Viet says:

    who should i spend my coins on? is gear 4th Luffy good? i’ve seen Ace and Jinbe, they are op. but man idk if gear 4th luffy is op too

    • Shu says:

      I’d say Ace, Jinbei, or Fujitora.
      No one knows about 4th gear yet you can wait to see others use him.

    • FireFistSabo says:

      Gear 4 is great. Just used it for the first time and it’s pretty powerful. The transformation costs 120 energy and takes a long time to recharge, but once you finish the transformation they change your equipped skills into King Kong Gun, which costs zero energy to use.

  3. Trioh says:

    Phase 5:
    Lucci’s Storm Leg Victorious Bird (Rankyaku Gaicho)
    Kaku’s Storm Leg White Thunder (Rankyaku Hakurai)

  4. Viet says:

    they better fix the damn Kizaru’s special. it really pisses me off. Aiming for like 5 minutes when almost get killed by enemy and then fucking miss it. wth is that bandai? the worst and stupidest special skill in game.

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