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Fest Event: Banquet of the Strong

The 6th Fest Event will begin on 20 September at 15:00 and end on 30 September 14:59. The featured characters are: You can farm for medals and skill cards of featured characters, and their...


Strawhat Pirates Pickup Gacha

9 June 15:00 ~ 17 June 23:59 This is a Step-Up Gacha with the pick-up characters: NW Zoro NW Sanji NW Usopp NW Chopper Rates of cards of pick-up characters are increased in this...


New: Character Log Quest

A permanent quest will be added to OPTS after maintenance on 7 March 2017. In the new permanent Character Log Quest, you can farm for selected event characters anytime you want. This quest only...


Beginner Challenge

Beginner Challenge is here! There are 3 panels of challenges, each laid out in a 3×3 grid. Each challenge gives a reward, and completing one panel will give you a bigger reward (complete bonus)...


Zoro Birthday Campaign

Happy Birthday, Zoro! In celebration, OPTS is having a campaign where players can earn 55 rainbow coins over the next 11 days, starting from 11/11, by completing daily missions each awarding 5 coins. The...

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