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Storm Showdown Step-Up Gacha Part 2

14 September 15:00 ~ 18 September 14:59 Part 2 of Storm Showdown gacha is here! The only Skill cards in this gacha are those of the Pick-Up characters (see below), and the only SA...


Strawhat Pirates Pickup Gacha

9 June 15:00 ~ 17 June 23:59 This is a Step-Up Gacha with the pick-up characters: NW Zoro NW Sanji NW Usopp NW Chopper Rates of cards of pick-up characters are increased in this...


Silver Skill Card Guaranteed Gacha

18 January 15:00 ~ 27 January 23:59 Good news! A new gacha is here with a special deal Get 5 cards for 20 coins You can play up to 3 times only Increased rates of...


Toughest Event Gacha

This gacha will run concurrently with the current Toughest Event. Rates of the skills and special cards of the above four Storm Characters will be increased, and you will only find Vanguard, Warrior and...


Event: Knight of the Sea

18 August 2016 15:00 ~ 24 August 2016 23:59 You can farm Jinbei and NW Chopper medals and 2* skill cards on the special island during this period. The gacha featuring their skill and special cards will also run in this period. Jinbei...

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