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Toughest Event Gacha

This gacha will run concurrently with the current Toughest Event. Rates of the skills and special cards of the above four Storm Characters will be increased, and you will only find Vanguard, Warrior and...


Gacha: Gather at Sabaody Archipelago Event

A new Gacha is launched today along with the Gather at Sabaody Archipelago Event, primarily featuring the skill and Special cards of New World Brook, among other scene cards. Check the list of cards in-game!

Auto-skills 5


Each character has their own auto-skill that takes effect during battle randomly or if certain conditions are met. Information translated from official wiki and supplemented with play experience. (Pre-timeskip Sabaody costume version) Luffy If you...


How to get Characters

In OPTS, you get characters by collecting medals. You acquire the character as a 1-star when you get your first 3 medals, then evolve them up to 6-star as you get more medals. Collecting more medals after...

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