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Fest Event: VS Donquixote Pirates

16 September 2016 15:00 ~ 26 September  23:59 For this Fest Event, you will be able to farm for the medals of the 9 characters in the Thousand Fest. NEW There are two new quests that will...


Thousand Fest to begin!

According to the official twitter on 8 September, OPTS will have another Thousand Fest in 7 days’ time (see the previous one here). There will be 5 phases, running for a period of 10...


Fest Event: VS 3 Admirals

25 June 2016 15:00 ~ 3 July 23:59 You can farm the medals and skill cards of Ace and Kizaru during this event. Additionally, the medals and cards of NW Luffy, NW Zoro and Pre-TS Law...

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