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c: Jinbei

Event: A Chivalrous Man! An Honorable Man!

15 October 2017 15:00 ~ 24 October 2017 23:59 Get medals and 2* skill cards of NW Sanji (Vinsmoke) and… Continue Reading →

Storm Showdown Step-Up Gacha Part 2

14 September 15:00 ~ 18 September 14:59 Part 2 of Storm Showdown gacha is here! The only Skill cards in… Continue Reading →

8 Million Downloads Campaign Gacha & Toughest Event

As part of the 8 million downloads celebrations, OPTS will have a special pick up step-up gacha featuring the following… Continue Reading →

Event: Fierce Fight! Memories of the Strong

07 April 2017 15:00 ~ 16 April 2017 23:59 Get medals and 2* skill cards of Jinbei and Marineford Crocodile during… Continue Reading →

Tips for Toughest Event: Light of Extermination

Here are some tips for those playing the latest toughest event for Samurai Jinbei! Information gathered from official wiki and… Continue Reading →

Toughest Event: Light of Extermination

The 6th Toughest Event, Light of Extermination is going to start from 14 January 15:00. This is a no-continue stage; you will not be able to… Continue Reading →

[Rerun] Knight of the Sea

7 November 15:00 ~ 13 November 23:59 This is a rerun of the event “Knight of the Sea” and its… Continue Reading →

Fest Event: VS Donquixote Pirates

16 September 2016 15:00 ~ 26 September  23:59 For this Fest Event, you will be able to farm for the medals of the… Continue Reading →

Thousand Fest to begin!

According to the official twitter on 8 September, OPTS will have another Thousand Fest in 7 days’ time (see the… Continue Reading →

Event: Knight of the Sea

18 August 2016 15:00 ~ 24 August 2016 23:59 You can farm Jinbei and NW Chopper medals and 2* skill cards on the special island during this… Continue Reading →

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