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Anniversary Fest Gacha

Here is a quick summary of the available gacha banners. 1. Free Gacha Free single pull, which you can tell from the 0 coin. One-time. Guaranteed to get old or new voiced SAs of...


Treasure Island

20 Apr 15:00 ~ 12 May 23:59 Phase 1: 20/4 15:00 ~ 27/4 14:59 Phase 2: 27/4 15:00 ~ 05/5 14:59 Phase 3: 04/5 15:00 ~ 12/5 14:59 Phase 1 of Treasure Island has begun! To...


10 Million Quests Goal Hit

10 million quests goal has been hit! Here is what players will be getting from the free gacha: Free single pull, that guarantees 1 SA of one of the 4 Pirate Coat units. The...


OPTS 1st Anniversary Preview

Celebrations are starting soon for the first anniversary of OPTS! The upcoming events, campaigns and more are slowly being revealed on their anniversary campaign website here. Here is what is revealed so far: Events...


Anniversary Fest Gacha Part 1

For the first part of the Anniversary Fest Gacha, the new voiced Special Attacks of Ace, Shanks, Sabo and Luffy will be added to the gacha. Chopper and Vivi with Carue’s SAs will also...


Voiced Special Attack and Retweet Campaign

Anniversary news follow-up! There will be a free gacha coming for the anniversary, and what we get from that free pull depends on us, the players! In the period between 10 Apr 15:00 ~ 19...

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