The official wiki still does not have this info up, so we’ve put together a quick guide for the players.



These symbols indicate the attribute of the skill/SA.

Symbol Meaning
 photo 8_zpslhvcfrpf.jpg Fire
 photo 11_zpsz6lbiuph.jpg Water
 photo 7_zps5fnkicql.jpg Ice
 photo 6_zpsgwbd23z2.jpg Wind
  photo 5_zpsalrojxjh.jpg Lightning
  photo 10_zpsdcqcbuqm.jpg Gravity
  photo 9_zpsyrzip9wj.jpg Special
  photo 3_zpsru93bvih.jpg Bash (physical)
  photo 4_zps3gupcizq.jpg Slash (physical)
  photo 2_zpsttxoiotx.jpg Non-damage. Usually buffs (sometimes with heal) or debuffs
  photo 1_zpsekgp2jpg.jpg Healing (sometimes with buff)


These symbols indicate the status of the players or enemies. The up-arrow means buffed and the down-arrow means debuffed.

Symbol Meaning
Fist represents physical attack
Wand represents elemental attack
Sparkle represents critical rate
Shield represents (physical) defense
  Seashell represents (elemental) resistance
  Foot represents movement speed
  Person represents dodge rate
  HP represents recovery up (you get more HP recovered than usual when in this state)
  Bent arrow represents immunity to physical attacks if on a Shield, and elemental attacks if on a Seashell

Battle Effects

These show up on enemies (and some on players as well) to tell you how your attacks are performing.

Symbol Meaning
Target is weak to the attribute used and took increased damage (e.g. using Water on Akainu)
Target is strong against the attribute used and took reduced damage (e.g. using Lightning on Enel)
Enemy resisted the status effect/your status effect failed (e.g. try using Stun, Petrify, or Fear on Haki Vergo (his status ailment resistance info on official wiki))
Critical hit. Damage is increased. Affected by player or enemy’s Critical rate stat and buff.
  The attack missed. Affected by player or enemy’s Dodge rate.
  The enemy is hit again before they get up, and takes increased damage.
  During Chance, the enemy is immobile and has lowered defense/resistance. Chance happens when an enemy’s HP drops beyond a certain level.


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