Support Character System

Support character system has been added to OPTS as of the major update on 21 July.

What this means for the player:

  • Fighting a boss that keeps using poison/sleep/whatever? Choose the relevant Support Skill. Equip good cards on them.
  • Farming stages with no status ailments that trouble you and just want to clear them asap? Bring a Warrior or Ambusher support set to buff your attack or critical rate. Equip good cards on them.
  • Farming Toughest Event and keep dying in one hit? Bring your vanguard supports for HP boost.
  • Farming for the elusive gold evo material? Bring your highest luck supports.

To understand more, read on for the details.

Unlock Support Characters

You need to unlock 5 playable characters for your account before you can access the option of support characters.

Setting Support Characters

Tap on where the image above indicates, to begin choosing your supports. As of 21 July, you can only choose up to two. Since the October update, you can set up to five if your player rank is high enough. If the character is in your battle party, they cannot be a support, and will appear grey-ed out.

Support has two main functions: Stat Boost and Support Skills.

Stat Boost
Each support you equip can give your battle party a stat boost and luck boost. The stat it boosts depends on the support’s type.

  • Vanguard: Max HP
  • Warrior: Attack
  • Middle Guard: Elemental Defense
  • Support: Max SP
  • Ambusher: Critical Rate
  • Sniper: Dodge Rate

The higher the support’s combined stats, the higher the stat boost. For example, if you equipped one Middle Guard (12000), you get +2.0% in Elemental Defense, while if you equipped one Middle Guard (75000), you get +4.5% in Elemental Defense.

So if you want the highest stat boost you can get, make sure the support unit is at 6* and equipped with good stat cards.

Similarly, the higher the support’s luck stat, the higher the boost you get. A max luck support gives +6% luck to the battle party, so the current maximum luck (with 5 supports) is 50% (20% + 6% x 5).

Support Skills

Support Skills are activated if you have the correct combination of characters set as supports.

Currently, the support skills are all “Reduce chance of (status ailment)”, where status ailments include sleep, poison, stun, and more. Click on the yellow button on the bottom right to bring up the list of Support Skill combinations you can choose from:

support skill 2

If chosen correctly, you will get this screen, where the Support Skill is detailed below.

support skill 1


How to choose Support Skills

Currently, the support skills all either reduces the chance of an ailment, or increases your elemental resistance. You can look out for the following phrases (keywords in red) if you are choosing them in game.

NEW A four-unit Support Skill has been added. It increases the HP you recover when you clear an area.


The official wiki has a complete list of support skills here that you can use with Google Translate. Or, identify the skill you want from the table above, and copy and paste the Japanese text on the wiki to find (Ctrl+F) all the combinations.


This post will be updated if we get more information.


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11 Responses

  1. teju says:

    Shu why i dont get boost 4.5% even i already get it 75k?

    • Shu says:

      Because this post was in Dec 2016 and I haven’t bothered to update it. Since then, Type levels, Faction levels etc have pushed up the combined stats for everyone. It’smuch easier to get 75k now than in Dec 16.

      tldr; You need higher stats than 75k now for 4.5% boost.

  2. teju says:

    when we put assasin as support
    do u think the crit rate boost will affect the sk/sa aswell?
    or only the regular atk

    • Shu says:

      I don’t think the official description talks about SK/SA specifically, and it’s hard to tell if a rate is boosted for sure. I personally think it affects all attacks/SK/SA.

  3. curiously says:

    just a question! does the support skill only affect your units or does it apply to the other players on your team?

  4. Afiq says:

    Hi shu.. im a bit confused between card level and type level on scene card. What are they actually? And how to level up. HTHFYS…

    • Shu says:

      You level up card level using mainly food cards. They increase the cards stats.

      Type level is only increased if you feed the same type cards (bronze or above), e.g. Feed 3* Warrior card to 5* Warrior card and gain 10xp for Type level. Read about Type level here.

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