Starting this event, Character Medal Events will undergo a renewal in format! They are now known as Character Faction Medal Events.

7 January 2017 15:00 ~ 16 January 2017 23:59

Get medals and 2* skill cards of Kizaru and Kuma during this event! You can earn their 3* skill card via first clear bonus and clearing Missions.

Play the Coin Gacha to get their skill cards (4*) and Special (4* or 5*) cards.


Type: Ambusher
Attack: Special
Faction: Speed
Auto-Skill: Can cause Blind with his regular attacks


Kizaru’s new special — Yasakani no Magatama — is a wide-range high DPS move.


Type: Vanguard
Attack: Physical
Faction: Strength
Auto-Skill: Unlikely to flinch from enemies’ attacks

For other Auto-Skills, check here or the character tags.



Medal Quest【メダル】

These quests have a high drop rate of event character medals.

Skill Quest【技】

These quests have a high drop rate of event character skill cards (2*).

Special-Hour Quest【時限】

Special hour bosses appear on the event island for one-hour each time and are prefixed with [時限].




Special hour bosses give a higher drop rate for event medals and skill cards and there’s also a chance of All-Medals and Hiluluk cards, so catch it when you can!

Great Hunt Quest【大猟】

The Great Hunt quests are 90-second-only stages. Clearing the waves of mobs will trigger Buggy to appear, and defeating Buggy will get you a guaranteed gold chest that may contain All-Medals, among other loot such as Beri cards, Food cards and evo cards.

Great Hunts will take place at the following timings only:

  • 13:00 ~ 13:59
  • 20:00 ~ 20:59
  • 22:00 ~ 22:59

Boss Quest 【ボス】

Challenge and unlock the different bosses in increasing difficulties! First-time clear rewards will include Diamonds.

Boss Quest comes with Mission(s) to earn a 4* Faction card:

  1. Clear Boss Quest (VH) 3 times using both Kizaru and Kuma in your battle party
  2. Clear Boss Quest (VH) at S rank (under 3 min)
  3. Level the skill level of Kizaru’s Ama no Murakumo to skill-level 10.

Assault Quest【アサルト】

Assault Quest will begin from 11 January 15:00. You  need to have cleared Boss Quest (VH) to unlock Assault Quest. This is a No-Continue stage. First-time clear rewards will include Diamonds.

Assault Quest comes with a Mission to earn a 5* Faction card:

  • Clear Assault Quest 3 times using both Kizaru and Kuma in your battle party

and a 4* Faction card:

  • Clear Assault Quest at S rank (under 3 min 30s)

Speed (list) characters will gain a 20% boost in HP and Attack stats when you use them in the event’s quests.

Storm Bonus loot has been added! You get extra loot for clearing stages with a Storm Character. Bring two Storm Characters and double the bonus!



Check this page for updates!

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