Story Mode Update and Alabasta Campaign

Alabasta has been added to story mode as of today (6 June 15:00)! To unlock Alabasta, you need to have cleared Dressrosa in story mode.

In celebration, OPTS is having an Alabasta Campaign.

Campaign 1: Limited Time Mission

Duration: 6 June 15:00 ~ 15 June 23:59

Clear these for scene cards, evo cards, rainbow coins and more. Check the details here.

Campaign 2: Half-stamina

Duration: 6 June 15:00 ~ 12 June 23:59

During this period, all story mode quests will only take half stamina to play. Use this chance to quickly unlock Alabasta!


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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