Special Event: Germa 66

22 January 2018 15:00 ~ 31 January 2018 23:59

Get medals and 2* skill cards of Sanji (Vinsmoke) and Yonji (Raid Suit) during this event! You can earn their 3* skill card via first clear bonus.

Play the Coin Gacha to get their skill cards (4*) and Special (4* or 5*) cards.

What’s New

This event is similar to a CFM event, but with some differences such as missions, mission rewards, and the lack of storm faction.

Gacha Theatre

One time guaranteed SA gacha:

  • 50 Rainbow Coins for 11 cards, guaranteed one 4* (or above) SA – either Sanji (Vinsmoke) or Yonji (Raid Suit)’s EX SA
Are you pulling this banner?

Yes, for Sanji
Yes, for Yonji
No, I’ll save for another banner

New Unit(s)/Skin(s)
  • Yonji (Raid Suit)
    Auto-skill: Less likely to flinch from attacks. Dodge rate up when in party with a “Germa 66” ally

New SA(s)

Yonji (Raid Suit)

Kyuushuu no Ichigeki (EX)
Great Bash damage (single target), buffs own Physical attack (effect: big).

Storm Bonus

Event Characters are Sanji (Vinsmoke) and Yonji (Raid Suit). Event Characters are also Storm Characters.

There is no Storm Faction for this event.


All Storm Characters will gain a 20% boost in HP and Attack stats when you use them in the event’s quests.


You get extra Storm loot for clearing stages with a Storm Character. Bring two Storm Characters and double the bonus loot!


Boss Quest Missions

  1. Clear Boss Quest (VH) 3 times using both Event Characters in your battle party
    Reward: 1* Yellow training medal x2

Assault Quest Missions

  1. Clear Assault Quest (VH) 3 times using both Event Characters in your battle party
    Reward: 2* Yellow training medal x1

Alliance Missions



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