Revisions to Inventory Size and Skill/Special Damage

  1. Inventory Size
    The default inventory size, which had been 150, will be increased to 500. This change is expected to happen in late June and requires your app version to be at v.1.3.4. Any coins spent on expanding the inventory will be refunded to players from 7 July onward.
    Update 05/07: It’s announced that instead of late June, this will happen in early July. The refund will take place from 9 July 12:00
    Update 06/07: Box size is now 500. Update your app to get the changes. The refund will come soon.
    Update 09/07: Coins have all been refunded to your giftbox.
  2. Skill/Special Damage
    The damage from skills and special attacks will be revised upwards. This change is expected to happen in late July.
    Update 12/07:
    The damage increase for skills goes up up to three times (at max level) and five times (at max level) for special attacks.

opts dmg revision


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5 Responses

  1. Spiegel says:

    Oh, you have direct 500 place in the inventory, I love this is new.

  2. Shangwang says:

    I don’t have the 500 bag inventory. Do I have the wrong version? I downloaded it from IOS app store yesterday.

    • Shu says:

      You’re on Global server, which is about a week old. Our information over 9 months is all for JP server, sorry.

  3. ixan7 says:

    i am in global server, my zoro SA at lv 5 eith 14000 damage, so after the update it will be 70000?

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