In Trail of Adventure event, part of the 7M DL Campaign, players can challenge the past adversaries of Luffy on 5 different islands. You have to defeat each island to unlock the next, starting from Island 1 (Crocodile), and Island 3 (Kizaru) will unlock both Islands 4 and 5.

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Some of the first-time clear rewards are:

  • Beginner level (Island1): character medals of Whitebeard Pirates, and All-Medals.
  • Intermediate level (Island 2): Beli and Food cards.
  • Advanced level (Island 3): 4* Heart Faction Card x1.
  • Super Advanced levels (Islands 4 and 5): one top stat card per island, and winners will have their name displayed on the OPTS website for a period.

The 2* skill cards of Whitebeard Pirates are available as loot, with a low droprate.

This isn’t a farming event. Players hoping to farm medals or skill cards of Whitebeard Pirates are better off farming All-Medals and Hiluluk cards during Special Hour Quests in CFM Events.

Storm Faction (SF) and Storm Characters (SC)

Characters who are SCs or part of an SF will get different stat bonus on different islands.

If a Character is a SC belonging to an SF, they will only receive their (higher) SC Bonus and not the SF Bonus.

SF Bonus

Island Storm Faction HP Attack
Island 5 Akainu

Stamina (list)

+50% +50%
Island 4 Aokiji

Heart (list)

+50% +50%
Island 3 Kizaru

Wisdom (list)

+50% +50%
Island 2 Lucci

Strength (list)

+50% +50%
Island 1 Crocodile

Speed (list)

+50% +50%

SC Bonus (only for Island 4 and 5)

Island 4 (Aokiji):

Kid, X Drake and Chef Sanji get the following bonus on the island:

  • +150% HP Boost
  • +200% Attack Boost

Island 5 (Akainu):

Ace, Marco, Vista, Jozu and Zeff get the following bonus on the island:

  • +150% HP Boost
  • +200% Attack Boost

Whitebeard gets the following bonus on the island:

  • +75% HP Boost
  • +75% Attack Boost


To get the 3* skill cards, clear the first 3 Islands with S rank.

To get the diamonds:

  1. Clear Island 4’s first quest (Moria) using Kid and X Drake.
  2. Clear Island 4’s second quest (Mihawk) with S rank.
  3. Clear Island 5’s first quest (Pacifistas) using Jozu and Vista.
  4. Clear Island 5’s second quest (Sengoku) with S rank.

You must have these stages unlocked (i.e. cleared all of Island 3) to qualify for the Missions.

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