Quick Boss Tips: Giant Turtle

Here are some tips for the Giant Turtle fight. This is not a comprehensive guide and just one of many ways to win the battle.

Giant Turtles
  • The giant turtle has very high defense and resistance.
  • Elemental attacks work best because its resistance drops for a short while when it goes into its shell. For that reason, try to save your highest DPS/Fever time to activate when its resistance is down.
  • After a few seconds in its shell, it will start spinning around the map, dealing great damage to your characters. Use stun once it’s in its shell to break the process. If successfully stunned, you will skip its spinning entirely until it next goes into its shell again.
  • If it spins anyway, switch character to avoid damage. There are also a few safe spots where you are safe from its spinning attack, such as the top right of the map (may depend on its initial position).
  • Some SAs, such as the voiced SAs of Luffy and Sabo, can stop the Turtle mid-spin.
  • Effects like Wound and Burn can be helpful to whittle down its HP.
  • Most of the battle is about preventing or dodging the spinning attack. Its other attack can be dodged if you recognize the warning signs and move away.

White Giant Turtle

  • The white turtle is weak to Fire (-35) and Lightning (-100), and resists most other attributes.
  • No stun resistance

Black Giant Turtle

  • The black giant animals have no attribute weakness or resistance.
  • 50% chance of resisting stun

Demo video


Feel free to share if you have other observations or tips!


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