Pre-registration announced for OPTS English version

According to BANDAI NAMCO Europe, an English version of OPTS will be released “this winter”.

For those interested, you can pre-register here.

Pre registration gifts for the English version include 3* beli cards, rainbow coins and pre-timeskip Law medals.

Momugi will continue to serve as a game guide for the latest updates to only the Japanese version.


Fungi from outer space, stuck in a basement with no way of getting out. Send help.

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9 Responses

  1. lawson says:

    lol who really need an English version, game is pretty simple to play especially with this site up.

  2. Ori says:

    Ahh I think I’m gonna stick to my Japanese account, been nurturing this acc for so long and all. I don’t think I wanna do it all over again with English version.

  3. nanochan says:

    Shu do you have news about new toughest event?

  4. Manganim says:

    Bjr es-ce que ne pourrais garder ma sauvegarde du jeu pour l’avoir en anglais ou je devrais tout recommencer

  5. Manganim says:

    Dsl c pas français c pour vous demander si je dois recommencer un compte ou je pourrais toujours avoir ma sauvegarde sur la version anglaise

  6. Saraku says:

    I’m curious – will the Global version overwrite the Japanese version of the game? I might get the Global version just to read the intro stuff before you start playing on the island.

    • Shu says:

      Almost impossible. Japan server is for their own people, and the global/other version is for ‘rest of the world’. It’s been like this for all the MMO/app-games I know of. (And for the MMOs at least, the native server usually lasts longer afaik, maybe because the overseas version has higher costs).

      Have fun! The content looks the same so far; I’m still waiting to see if they add the big updates like type action early.

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