One Piece Thousand Storm Guide OPTS English guides, translations and help for Japan server


Coming Soon…! (JP server)

Coming Fame Rush event in late November will feature Akainu with a new voiced EX SA. With thanks to Japanese players sharing their VJump scans. OPTS reserves the right to change the event(s) before...


Character Select (Step-Up) Gacha Part 2

14 November 15:00 ~ 18 November 14:59 Pick-Up SA (Char): Senbon No Ya: Flap Thread (Doflamingo) Kokuto Arashi (Mihawk) Itaminomato (Kuma) Diamond Rush (Jozu) Character Select Gacha will feature only the 4 Pick-Up SAs...


Emerald Shop Update

Emerald Shop will be updated with the first batch of exchangeable items on 14 Nov 15:00. Items will include character medals, skill cards, SA cards and 7* medal of Urouge, Capone Bege and Scratchmen...


Character Select (Step-Up) Gacha Part 1

10 November 15:00 ~ 14 November 14:59 Pick-Up SA (Char): Flame Dragon King (Sabo) Ryusei Kazan (Akainu) Laser Beam (Kizaru) Fushichou Ranbu (Marco) Character Select Gacha will feature only the 4 Pick-Up SAs and...


November Maintenance

There will be maintenance on 10 November 2017 11:00~17:00 (ending time subject to change). Players will have to update their app version after the maintenance.


Training Event Preview

Training Event will begin at 15:00 on 9 Nov. Training Event is where you get Training Medals to enhance your 7* characters and give them new abilities. There will be daily quests and limited-time...

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