This post lists Discord chat communities for OPTS. Check them out – links and messages from the respective owners below.


  • Discord is a free chat commonly used by gamers, available on desktop and mobile app.
  • We strive to list only well managed Discord chats submitted to us, and reserve the right to not list a submission.
  • Currently, Momugi does not run or take part in any of the Discord chats – any kudos for them should be given to the hardworking people running them. Any issues or problems should be reflected directly to the Discord admins as well.
Discord (mainly Japan + Global)

Here at our Jp & Global OPTS Discord, we offer a wide range of help amongst both regions. The majority of our member base plays JP but we also have quite a few members who play the Global version, so we can offer help to anyone who plays either version. We also play a large variety of other mobile games in case any of our members wished to discuss them or seek help in any shape or form. Our discord is pretty laid back and we are always joking around. We are all a bunch of friends just relaxing on the internet playing the games we love. Everyone is welcome to join our discord and be a member, you won’t regret it !! 😃

Discord (mainly Global + Japan, Oceanic)

Hello [O]ne [P]iece [T]housand [S]torm Community,

My name is Justx3, Administrator of the OPTS Discord Server and I want to introduce it to you!

About our Server: 
We are an (Un)official Server for One Piece Thousand Storm for the (mainly) Global, (under construction) Japan and (under construction) Oceanic Version of the Game.
Our Community reached 1000 Members and the number is increasing daily.
Every Channel and every Role has a concept behind it, we will look further into it later.

Benefits for you: 
* Easily Group up with others for any Quest.
* The community helps a lot and answers any Questions about the Game.
* Meeting new People, who enjoy the game as much as you.
* and much more!

Our Server System: 
* Our Server is mostly divided by a Role system. By joining in you get the Role @New Age Pirate and depending on your Strength and other criteria you can be promoted to higher Roles like @Worst Generation.
* We have two competitive Roles, where the Members of our Community can challenge against each other after every Event to be a @Shichibukai or a Team competitive Role to be a @Admiral
* There are Channels for every topic of the Game and also some Fun channels, e.g. use #recruitment to group up with others, #ingame-chat to talk with others about the game or #music for listening music together.
* We have a Daily Quiz, mostly about One Piece but also about other Anime stuff.
* We have a Bounty System, you get a Bounty which depends on your Strength level and it can be increased with our weekly competition Roles.
* We have 50 colorful One Piece Emojis.

Helpful Sheets and Commands:
* We have a self created Event-Timer, which shows you the time of Limited-Quest, Power-up and more.
* We have Databases for every Character, Scene Cards and also for SAs and SKs.
* We have a self created Evolution Calculator, to calculate the needed Evolve Materials.
* We have commands for every Question of the game, e.g. ?luck – shows what is needed for Max Luck.

This is just a glimpse of what we offer! Join us and see for yourself!

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