Celebrations are starting soon for the first anniversary of OPTS! The upcoming events, campaigns and more are slowly being revealed on their anniversary campaign website here.

Here is what is revealed so far:


1. Anniversary unitsevent post
21 Apr 15:00 ~ 7 May 23:59

  • New type of quest will become available. Within the time limit, protect and ensure that Vivi survives to clear the stage!
  • There will be new mobs that can buff or heal the enemies.
  • Pirate Coat costumed Luffy, Ace, Sabo and Shanks will become available as Anniversary units. You can evolve them to 7*.

2. Treasure Island
20 Apr 15:00 ~ 12 May 23:59

Base 5* cards can be evolved to 7* soon! The required rainbow evolve materials will be available on 3 Treasure Islands released in 3 phases.

NEW! 3. Toughest Event: Marine’s Full Force
27 Apr 15:00 ~ 7 May 23:59

Winners of this event will get the strongest stat card yet!

4. ??? Event

Blackbeard will be making his debut. Details to come later.



1. Free Gacha
Begins 21 April 15:00. Guaranteed one SA of Ace, Luffy, Sabo or Shanks! New voiced SAs included.

2. Anniversary Fest Gacha Part 1
Begins 21 April 15:00. Guaranteed SA of the featured character.

More coming soon!


1. Voiced Special Attack and Retweet Campaign

NEW! 2. Vote for new Stickers to be added
Campaign site is here.


More coming soon!


1. Login Bonus
3 Apr 15:00 ~ 20 Apr 04:59

Daily login bonus of 5* food and evolve materials will be given to all players to help them reach 7* cards.

2. Countdown Login Bonus & Limited Time Mission

3. Login Bonus: 200 Rainbow Coins
There will be 2 special Login Bonuses to celebrate the beginning of the Anniversary.
Part 1: 20 April (after Maintenance) to 8 May 04:59
Part 2: 27 April 05:00 to 8 May 04:59

Simply login everyday during the above period to receive a total of 200 Rainbow Coins!



1. Exchange Center Update

For a limited time, character medals and 3* skill cards of rate-up characters will be available in the Exchange Center.

2. Rainbow Coin Sales

Special RC sale set will begin on 21/4 15::00. More details to come.

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