The updates added are as follow:

  1. Under character menu:
    • You can now form and save 3 parties. On the Party Edit screen you will find page 1-3 at the bottom of the screen to switch between your parties. The scene cards you equipped on one unit will stay on that unit, however, so if you switch parties for use, remember to check that they have the correct cards equipped.
    • There will now be a confirmation screen if your character-evolving will use up All-medals.
    • There is now a tab on the Evolve screen, where you can check if you own the 7* Character medal for that unit.
  2. Under scene cards menu:
    • A 4th button – View All Cards – has been added.
    • When you choose a card to Strengthen, that card will now remain as the selected base until you remove it yourself.
    • When you choose a Skill card to Strengthen, the compatible Skill cards that will increase its skill level will be listed first.
    • Sort by Skill and Sort by Special Skill has been improved (those of the same skills are grouped together).
    • You can now sell 20 cards at one go, instead of 10.
    • Previously, the scene cards that cannot be evolved will be grey-ed out. This is no longer the case. Instead, scene cards that can be evolved will now have a text on its top right corner that says evolve-able.
  3. MVP and Score
    • Penalty calculations for dying in battle has changed. You will lose more points for dying in higher difficulty stages. This means that tanks such as Vanguards and Warriors will now have a better chance than before at getting MVP in difficult battles, since the glass cannons are more quick to die but had been earning a lot of score anyway for their high damage output.
  4. Support Characters
    • You can now bring up to 5 Support Characters, instead of 2, into battle.  This means you can have up to 2 Support Skills (from 2 combinations). You need to reach a certain Player rank to unlock the 3rd to 5th slot.
  5. One Piece Character stickers, previously only used in the plaza, can now be used in battle as well.
  6. Bind OPTS account to social media account
    • Other than Facebook, you can now bind it to your Twitter account instead.
  7. Previously, if you are disconnected from the game during battle, you will be stuck in single-player mode until you go back to the Plaza and tap on the “reconnect” button. Now, you will be reconnected automatically when you disconnect and try to start/join another multiplayer battle, without going to the Plaza. However, if you were in a private Plaza, when you auto-reconnect, you will be in a public Plaza by default, so remember to return to the private Plaza (if applicable).
  8. Battle Adjustments mentioned here.
  9. In-game announcement layout has changed.
  10. New 7* Character Medals added to the Exchange Center.
  11. Various bug fixes

Update 28/10/16 01:37

Follwing the recent addition of All-Skill cards, or Hiluluk cards, OPTS official wiki has updated with information of All-Special cards, or Kureha cards. There is no information yet on how players can get these.

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