There will be maintenance on 26 October 2017 10:00~19:00 (ending time subject to change).

These updates will be added this maintenance:

1. Dual SA

Players will be able to equip two different SAs on one character. Dual SA will increase the character’s Combined Stats (STR). The level of one SA will enhance the effect of the other SA (e.g. higher damage or shorter cooldown time).

You can switch SA in battle using swipe or flick. You can only use the other SA after the first SA used has cooled down.

2. Character Training

7* characters can undergo Training and gain abilities. You need Training Medals and Beri to do Training. EX Characters will require special Training Medals.

3. Emerald Shop

Emerald Shop will be added to Item Exchange Center. More details will be revealed on a later date.

4. Change to Battle Time

Battle time will no longer pass while characters move to the next area after clearing an area.

5. Chat Improvement

The chat used to jump to the newest comment if a new comment was entered while you were scrolling to read older comments. Now, it will no longer jump and you will receive a notification about a new comment coming in. Tapping on the notificattion will allow you to jump to the new comment.

The chat used to display your current battle party’s main unit as your chat avatar. This will be changed to display your selected “My Character” (assessed from Custom>Change My Chara; the default is the first unit of your first deck).

6. Bind OPTS Account to LINE

LINE will be added as an option you can bind your OPTS account to.




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