November Update Preview

The updates to be added in late November are as follow:

  1. Factions will be added. Each character will belong to one of five factions (from top, and left to right): Heart, Stamina, Speed, Strength and Wisdom. Factions will play an important role in future events, and you will be able to view faction info in the room.
  2. Previously, Skills and Specials damage is only based on the skill level. After the update, the damage from Skills and Specials will be enhanced by your Attack stat.
  3. Previously, the max combined stats is at 90,000, achieved with any ten Lv 100 Rainbow cards equipped, and two level 10 Skills and one level 10 Special.
    After the update, combined stats will employ a new formula that takes into account the stats of your equipped cards. Therefore, the maximum stats is no longer 90,000 and the required stats for Support units to boost your stats by a certain amount will be adjusted.
  4. You will be able to switch between your three party setups while in the room.
  5. Previously, when you joined a room it may start immediately even if you might want to leave. After the update, there will be a 5s countdown after the host presses “Start”, before the stage will start. If all participants have pressed “Ready”, the quest will start immediately, ignoring the countdown. If a participant leaves the room during the countdown, the countdown will cancel and the quest will not start. The countdown only applies in multiplayer mode.
  6. Loot on the result screen will be separated into regular loot, special appearance (e.g. Buggy) loot, and Lucky Bonus loot for easy viewing.
  7. Skill (and Special) exp formula will be adjusted. Previously, if you fused a card with excess exp, e.g. Lv5 Skill with 600 exp into a base card, the base card will gain the same exp as if you fused a Lv5 Skill with 0 exp. After the update, the excess skill exp will be counted as well.


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6 Responses

  1. DITO48 says:

    Sometimes in result screen we get loot with a player image on it. Is it the lucky bonus? So there is no how to get the bonus?

  2. narutard says:

    Is it’s better to do single summons or multi like what more effective

    • Shu says:

      Sorry, don’t know how I missed this comment.
      I usually do multi just for that one extra free card. There is no other difference in terms of rates.

  3. Spiegel says:

    I don’t see the utility of the Faction…

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