New Year Gacha

3 Jan 15:00 ~ 10 Jan 23:59

New Year Gacha is a special banner that contains only SA cards (4* or 5*, including EX).

New Year Gacha comes in gold, silver, and bronze. You can only pull each one once.

The bonus are as follow:

  • Gold: 45 coins for 11 SA cards
  • Silver: 30 coins for 7 cards
  • Bronze 15 coins for 3 cards


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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9 Responses

  1. OpLover says:

    Nice,it came out when i pull my last 40 rc for marco very nice

  2. GodEner says:

    Why Global version has nothing for The new year? It seems that they mock us

  3. Dave says:

    Sounds like a huge gamble to me.

    Chances that you’ll only get completely unusable trash in those 21 pulls are extremely high.
    However, this arrangement is a bit similar to last year’s Diamond Shop 5* Vanguard card. Back then, the card was pretty useless, since it had extremely low stats. But due to the coming updates, they gave purpose to all those useless scene cards due to type level (and you could of course upgrade that card to 7* and type level 10 and stuff it onto some Vanguard to fill your Storm Showdown team).
    Now the only completely useless scene cards are SA cards of trash skills and characters that will never get an EX SA (e.g. Caesar, Monet, Toy Soldier).

    So the question is: will they ever give those cards some kind of purpose, or will Bandai Namco continue to use them as utterly worthless stuffing for their gachas?

    My guess is that they stay absolutely useless, but I secretly hope that they will introduce some kind of semi-premium currency in the future. Maybe giving the players the ability to trade in SA cards for that currency and use it to get Kureha cards (maybe something like ‘turn in 200 SA EXP (4* SA card) and get 50 universal SA EXP (Green Kureha card)’).
    I mean, they don’t really introduce new normal SA anymore, and even if they do (Sabo, Luffy with the introduction of the Rookie quests), they are still far inferior to the earliest of EX SA.
    They give out huge chunks of universal SA and EX SA exp every month to people who bot and don’t even ban them. The least they could do is to give people who play fair and get shit luck in gacha some kind of purpose for their trashy draws (or they could just exclude trash like Toy Soldier from new gachas).

    tl;dr: Stay far away from such bait if you’re aiming to build your favourite characters, and only pull in their gachas instead.

    • OpLover says:

      Im playing without bot and hack but what is bot and hacks doing? I mean you cant earn multiple rc from quests even bot playing for you hundred times.

      • Dave says:

        If you use a bot to grind points during the monthly fame events, you can easily get into the top 3000 or top 5000. That means you can get Kureha and EX Kureha cards. Which essentially gets you free SA Exp and EX SA Exp every month (without having to do a thing).

        If there’s no fame event, you can use the bot to farm the last stages on hard mode Dressrosa/Alabasta/Water 7. Those stages drop 3* Vanguard, Ambusher, Warrior and Mid Guard Scene cards you can use to increase the type level of your Scene cards without having to use the gacha.

        I usually farm those 3* Scene Card stages while I’m doing something else. That’s why I’m pretty sure that Bamco doesn’t do shit to ban people who bot.

        I mean, no one can tell if you’re using a bot and just let it enter the stages over and over again without having it use any skills.
        However, it gets on my nerves that people who’re cheeky and don’t give a fuck if they get found out, just let their bot spam skills to reduce the time spent farming. And if someone is grinding a quest 24/7 while always spamming their skills as soon as they are available and activate fever time as soon as it’s ready, you can bet your ass off that it’s a bot (and when you look at their profile, they’re probably rank <100 at the fame event). Some also don't just let their bot spam the skills, but just record a macro that lets them use their skills to kill the enemies as fast as possible (they also often use skills even if there's not a single enemy to hit, because they probably recorded it with an NPC group or something).

        It pisses me off seeing the same bots for months, never getting banned. And in return, Bamco just increases the difficulty of the new content over and over again, so that normal players who don't grind out their type levels all day every day have it rough while people who use bots just can breeze through everything.

        • OpLover says:

          Oh get it ty. And is there a ex kurehara card? I didnt know that. I need ex kurehara card badly :S

          • Dave says:

            Kureha Cards for EX SA are only available from fame events for now. Top 3000 get a 5* and 3001-5000 get a 4*. In addition to the normal Kureha cards, of course.
            No EX Kureha cards for ranks higher than 5000, sadly.

  4. dkun says:

    Idk managed to pull Hancock’s 5* star voiced SA. The rest were 4*cards, two Ace’s SAs, Crocodile, Smoker, Chopper, Mr.2, and few Sabo SAs.
    ^ That was 45Coin pull.
    Not compalaining

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