New Party Edit (June 2017)

The new Party Edit interface since June 2017 update has added a fair few things:

1. Party Edit now comes with 6 decks for you to edit members and equip cards. The cards equipped are unique to each deck; you can reuse the same cards in another deck without un-equipping them.

Tap on a character to change them. You will get a pop-up message warning that all equipped cards will be un-equipped, so just tap OK to proceed. In the bottom left, there is also a button to unequip all cards from the characters. Storm Showdown deck edit works much the same way.

2. Choose Equip Cards to get to this screen. You can choose your cards manually as before, or use ‘Auto Equip’ in the bottom right, which offers you two options. Choose SK/SA allows you to choose up to 3 skillls or SAs and automatically equips the other 7 cards for you. Fully Auto equips all 10 for you.

A checkmark will indicate if you have chosen that skill or SA to be used. Tap again to remove and choose another (up to 3) if you want.

Choosing the orange button above Auto Equip will allow you to sort or filter your cards, e.g. from most recent to oldest obtained, or highest stat to lowest.

You can also filter the view. The colored buttons are Types. If you can remember the color coding or, even better, the kanji, it would help you in the long run.

  • Vanguard
  • Warrior
  • Ambusher
  • Middle Guard
  • Sniper
  • Supporter

Stat cards are scene cards that have no skill or SA attached to it.

3. Tapping on a Support character or slot will bring you to this screen. There is quick access to Factions in the middle of the screen for you to filter by factions if you wish to. If you want to equip a Support Skill or two, it’s  best to use the bottom left button.

Choosing “Select by Support Skill” and then “Filter” will give you this screen. By default you only see the skills available to you, but you can switch it to Unavailable to see which units you lack for certain Skills.

By default, all Support Skills will be shown to you, but you can filter further by turning off everything except 5-man, for example,

Doing so will show you only 5-man Support Skills currently in the game. The description of the Support Skill will be shown below the units. Tap on the rectangle to equip the 5 units.

And you will be back on this screen with the characters selected, with a summary of the stat boost they add to your battle party. From here you can change out members or equip them. At the bottom, you can confirm if your chosen units activate any Support Skills.

4. Strengthen works much the same as before. You choose a card as base, and choose other cards to feed into it. The top portion gives you a preview of the levels you can gain. Note the different levels a card can have:

  • Type Level (or Faction Level if it’s a Faction card)
  • Card level
  • Skill (or SA) level

There is now another tab for fodder cards entirely. This tab allows you to bulk feed them in different amounts all at once. Likewise with selling and Beli cards.

5. New feature – Auto Strengthen and Auto Sell

The bottom right green button is Auto Sell/Strengthen. This feature will automatically choose up to 20 cards to sell or use as fodder, and you can choose the options of what cards to include.

For selling, cards at 3* or higher will never be automatically selected.

For strengthening, select a base card first, then choose Auto, and choose which level you want to increase. You can limit the selected cards to 2*/3*/4* and below.

You will get another screen showing the selected cards, that you can confirm before selling/fusing them, so go ahead and try it out.



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2 Responses

  1. waddedi says:

    What a great guide! Thx for doing this <3
    Btw.. the new fame event is great but not perfect because of the time. For me its 1 pm and thats good but other players cant play this fame event.
    So my point is what if the fame event can be coosed whenever you want for 1 hour once a day?

    • Shu says:

      No prob 🙂 Yeah it’s very bad for some timezones. Having a choice would be great but I doubt the game would be so kind.

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