New: Mode Change

Beginning with Gear 4, OPTS has introduced Mode Change Specials. These Special skill card will activate Mode Change for a limited time in battle, which:

  1. Changes the appearance of the character
  2. Changes the skills equipped on the character
  3. Changes the auto-skill of the character

For Luffy’s Gear 4, for example, his auto-skill becomes: increases own physical attack, reduces physical damage received, and become harder to knock back.


Gomu Gomu no Kingkong Gun can only be used in Boundman Mode Change. Hits the ground with a giant fist. Physical damage.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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12 Responses

  1. Grobyc says:

    i haven’t enough rainbow…T_T

  2. J L says:

    It’s a neat idea for an ability. And the AOE range is huge. But it still doesn’t even come close to Ace’s DPS. I know Luffy isn’t mean to be sheer DPS, but doesn’t Ace seem way too OP?

    • Shu says:

      From what I read, Ace’s Fire Fist actually does twice the damage shown, so yeah that’s one reason he’s way OP.

      • J L says:

        Interesting. Do you think we can expect him to be nerfed?

        • Shu says:

          When I say ‘read’ I meant Japanese players’ comments on the official wiki. Some had even asked to fix the “bug with Ace”. The game management hasn’t said anything about it and has now re-released his Fire Fist in gacha… and if people spent money playing the gacha expecting that kind of power it’ll get really ugly if they nerf him now.

          tl;dr it’s no guarantee but I’m guessing he won’t be.

      • Ori says:

        And yet he’s always eluded me whenever I tried to gacha his special attack smh. I really want him for his OP power, dangit.

  3. Axel Clown says:

    I’m hoping for Franky Shogun to be added in the future, as a Mode Change for NW Franky.

  4. Yanimal13 says:

    I’m hoping that they’ll add choppers 3 strongest forms in as a mode change , so like Heavy point, king fu point, and obviously monster point.

  5. Kahakea D. says:

    Shu, does the gear 4 have issues? I have a level 9 kong gun supposedly would hit 200k+ damage now I know it doesn’t always hit that much but I’ve only been seeing it around 70-80k on average, nowhere close to its potential. “Global player”

    • Shu says:

      There’s no issue. The number listed on SAs is just another stat (to indicate its strength), not the actual damage value.

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