New Matching Trial Island

Big news! Starting 27th January (tentative date), a “new matching trial island” will open in OPTS, featuring the stages of the Escape from Ghost Island! event.

Matching is the process where players (guests) join other players’ (hosts) public rooms in co-op. Some of you may remember that in August, a new system was implemented and then retracted the next day due to complaints.

This time, OPTS is trying a faster, more efficient matching system, and players will get to try it out on the special island. The new matching system has the following features:

  • Auto matching: you will be automatically placed into any empty room of a stage you chose
  • No stamina will be spent. There will be no host (nor guests), just equal players, and therefore no bonus host loot

OPTS has stated that, even if the new matching system becomes a permanent feature, they are considering to keep the old system of host and guests as well, possibly with modifications.

This is still fairly new in development, so be patient till they iron out the details!


The trial will end on 30 January 23:59.

Go the the island via the banner in the game, or going to the island page to choose “new matching trial island”. Remember, it’s not the same as the existing event island.

Storm Bonus will still take effect but Boss Quest and Assault Quest are not available on this trial island. There will be interface differences as well when editing your party and so on. The app  may crash because this is still a trial, and more changes to the system may be made.

You can choose from two matching methods

Free Matching (left button) will match you with random players. Stats Matching will try to match you with players who are at least of the minimum required stats of that stage.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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10 Responses

  1. Blightpaw says:

    Very cool, an auto match system can really benefit a game focused on mutliplayer.

  2. Idaf says:

    Can’t wait!
    I’ve been wondering, is there no fame event for January?
    Or is that Valentine event w/ Boa and Koala replacing it for this/next month?

  3. Golubowski says:

    This new matching system is awful. The chances are 99% that the game will leave me behind, not able to enter the stage. I’m just watching the countdown from 5 to 0 and even though i tapped OK, it kicks me back in the room to select a stage. I hope this doesn’t become a new method to enter every stage because i won’t be able to play anymore…

    • Shu says:

      Strange, it worked ok for me. I used free matching and alternate between not tapping ok.

      Did you try other combi? Like the other matching, and not tapping ok.

      • Golubowski says:

        I cleared the island but it took me waaaay more than it usually should. (it should take me less than an hour to clear all stages but i struggled for two hours) Perhaps i had a bad internet connection…

  4. J L says:

    I’ve had it kick me a few times, but I think it’s an improvement.

    The difficulty to drop rate ratio of this island seems to be extremely good. Very nice for farming Perona skill cards.

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