New Interface (March 2017)

This video walkthrough/demo mainly covers the changes on 7 March 2017. For anything not covered, check the old interface guide here.

  • Make sure to turn Subtitles/CC ON.
  • Recommended: 1.25x ~ 2x speed


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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9 Responses

  1. Swagkage says:

    Hey Shu is there anything called a critical lvl up that level up special attack level because my friend in line dito48 claims he has gotten it

    • Shu says:

      Don’t think so. Never read about them at least.

      • DITO48 says:

        Yes it does exist! I had so often ‘Crit level up’ (i made that term).
        Shu or mush u really never had this thing happened? Its’s like when i fuse *4 ulti card (lv2 which worth 200exp) to the *5 ulti (lv3 which worth 400exp) it should be lv4 right but i got lv5 instead of lv4. So the 200exp is doubled. So it is 400exp + (200exp + 200exp) = 800exp / lv5. I even had it thrice on faction cards. Around a month ago i had lv7 blue and yellow faction while max we got from missions was only lv6. Then last week i got crit lv up on green faction.

        • Shu says:

          I only had ‘big/super success’ for card levels. May be bad luck. What’s your total green faction level now?

          • DITO48 says:

            Lv8 *6 green faction card (Giants on little garden) and lv3 *4 green faction cards (mashira and shoujo) = total lv11
            I sent pics to mushroom. You could see it. I bet you only have lv10 total green faction xD

        • Shu says:

          Yeah, mine is one max (Lv8) and two Lv1. As I said, I haven’t had any ‘crit level up’. If you did, that’s cool.

          • DITO48 says:

            Lol thanks for believing me not like Swakage who is so salty every time im showing off my ‘crit lv up’
            Last time wb event i got a *5 ace hiken (my first *5 ace hiken) then i fused my lv4 hiken to my new *5 hiken. So it should have been 400exp + 600exp = 1000exp / lv5 with 200exp. But i got 1600exp (400exp + 600×2) i got lv7 instead of lv5

  2. Jeffrey says:

    so i joined one of the new lobby things they added (the bar) and now when i go back to my ship, i cant go on missions! Please Help!!!

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