New Evo Quest

Starting 21 March 15:00, new evolve material quests will appear in OPTS. The stages will be of higher difficulty than the current regular evo quest, but the drop rate of gold evolve cards will be higher as well.

Update: Bosses also have a small chance of dropping rainbow evolve cards.

These quests will be around only until 31 March 23:59, so make use of them while you can!

This post will be updated if more information becomes available.


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5 Responses

  1. Jonathan Jackson says:

    I wish this was permanent

  2. Chub says:

    people are gonna run mad macros on this event lol and basically stockpile – they really should just make this permanent with the stamina system now gone

    • Cadn3a says:

      Would be too easy then. You got time to stockpile on them golds though 😉 What makes this game good is the grinding and farming system imo. Easy way out and it would eventually be boring. Stamina removal is good enough 🙂

  3. James says:

    I wish global would get this event soon, gold drop rates are currently destroying my soul.

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