A permanent quest will be added to OPTS after maintenance on 7 March 2017.

In the new permanent Character Log Quest, you can farm for selected event characters anytime you want. This quest only comes in Normal mode.

You need to have finished Sabaody Archipelago (Normal mode) and its epilogue in Story Mode to unlock Character Log Quest.

Selected Event Characters
The list is subject to change, and any future additions/removals will be separately announced.


  • NW Luffy
  • NW Zoro
  • NW Nami
  • NW Usopp
  • NW Sanji


  • Bartolomeo
  • Cavendish


  • Garp
  • Smoker


  • Mihawk
  • Perona


  • Vivi with Carue
  • Koala
Item Exchange Center Update
With the launch of Character Log Quest, the 4* Special Attack (SA) of the featured characters will be added to the Item Exchange Center.


  • Each SA can only be exchange for once.
  • These SAs will be level 1 in SA level.
  • Not all the SAs of a character will be in the Exchange (e.g. Luffy’s Redhawk is in, but not Gear 4th)

For the list of available SAs and their cost, check the Exchange Center in game.

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