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It’s been 8 months since the launch of the game with many updates that changed the gameplay. Here are some more tips that may help you in OPTS. You can read part 1: Beginner Tips here if you missed it.

Information correct as at 10 January 2017.


Events and characters keep coming in OPTS, so it can be a problem choosing where and when to use your hard-earned rainbow coins (besides on your favorite character(s), of course!) because there are just so many.

We mentioned before to wait for Thousand Fest and Fame Event, because the featured characters are generally (not always) the stronger ones in the game, and their skills and Special cards get boosted rates in the gacha. Additionally, these gachas tend to get discounts such as 30 coins for 10+1 cards instead of the usual 50 coins, and getting more cards for less coins is always good.

Once you have a 6* character (preferably with his/her Special) and have no problems farming events, it’s best to hoard rainbow coins and spend at least 2-300 at once on a gacha, because you would want your strongest character(s) to, at minimum, have only rainbow cards equipped:

To do so, the skill and Special cards need to be at least silver (4*), if not gold (5*), and you can only get those in the coin gacha (other than the select few in Fame Events), so make use of the boosted rates of the gacha featuring your target character.


There are mainly two things to take note of when choosing a Special card to max.

1. The power of the Special attack. Power here includes a few factors: damage output, range, and status ailments. Damage is easy to determined by checking the Special attack list on the official wiki. The table shows the damage at skill level 10, and you can click on the 3rd column to sort by ascending or descending.

The current highest damage Special on this list is Ben Beckman’s

However, take note that Mode-Change Specials are listed as “-” on this page and therefore cannot be sorted. Their damage is listed on their individual page:

Shanks’ Special’s damage, for example, is 210000

The 4th column lists status ailments it can cause, such as Stun, Fear and so on. They can be very useful if the boss is not immune to it.

Lastly, range and aim is an important factor as well. A wide range is definitely better, as it can hurt the mobs together with the boss you target, especially if there are multiple bosses. Some Specials have great auto-aim while some can miss if the target moves out of range after you used your Special. This is harder to measure, so you have to watch the videos/try for yourself to see how useful it is.

2. Which Special to fuse is also important. Skill cards are simple, because their highest rarity you can get them at is 4*, so you would upgrade that to 6* to reach lv100 rainbow. However, it is different for Special cards. Sometimes, you get both 4* and 5* of the same Special card. Typically, you would fuse 4* into the “rarer” 5* card, but OPTS has a strange system where sometimes, the 4* Special card have the better stats of the two. Back to the Special attack list, click on the Special you want to check and scroll down to the cards:

Both cards give you the Special of Pre-TS Law: Shambles. If you click on each card you will see this:

At level 100, 4* Shambles has better stats than 5* Shambles in every stat except Elemental Resistance. No doubt, it is better here to fuse the 5* into the 4* so that your character benefits from the better stats.

Most of the time, though, the 5* Special cards have better final stats than the 4* counterpart. It is best to check your cards, however.


Other than rainbow skills and Special cards, you have 7 remaining slots to fill to give stats boost to a character. Depending on the situation, you may even want to equip 10 stat cards instead of skills and Special, because stat cards generally give higher stats than skill/Special cards.

You want rainbow (Lv100) cards on your characters, but not all rainbow cards are equal. As you keep accumulating silver and gold cards, it can be hard to choose which ones to evolve to rainbow.

The wiki lists all cards’ stats at Lv100 here, but what is more useful is the card stat ranking here, which lists the top 100 cards of each stat:

The first row gives you option to see the rankings of Attack, Defense, Resistance, HP and SP, and the second row lets you filter by All types, Vanguard, Warrior, Ambusher, Mid-guard, Sniper and Support. The ranking gets updated when they add new cards to the game, so keep checking back!

Update: A Japanese fansite has a scene card database as well, where you can sort by total stats. It seems to be updated often .


What was discussed above are the flat stats of each card, directly added to the character. There are currently two ways to get additional, bonus stats on your character for that extra edge.

1. Faction cards, newly added to OPTS, give up to 1.7x bonus in stats, shown in the orange circle below. For details on how it works, check here.

2. Type Bonus also applies. You get an additional stat boost when you equip a character with cards of the same type (e.g. Sniper char with Sniper cards equipped). This bonus can be seen from the numbers circled in red under the detailed stats screen.

The boost is quite small, so it is possible that equipping a card of a different type with higher rarity and level is still better than a lesser card with the same Type Bonus.


Besides the typical stages to farm for medals and other loot, there are more and more challenging stages now, usually with the no-continue (i.e. cannot revive via rainbow coins) clause, that promise attractive rewards if you can clear the stages.

To be able to clear them consistently, here are some things to take note of:


Healers are a must-have for tough battles. Panacea, which is a Special of NW Chopper (heals everyone 40% HP) and Pre-TS Chopper (heals everyone 30% HP), is especially useful because it is currently the only way to heal even reserve characters. Ivankov, Vivi-with-Carue, and Xmas Chopper have healing skills/Special as well, but are restricted by range, and cannot heal reserve characters. They can be useful till you get your own Panacea.

Vanguards are also a must-have (followed by Warriors) because most tough battles have you surrounded by enemies who can take out your full HP bar in the blink of an eye if you don’t have high enough defense and HP.  Vanguards with wide-range Specials, (e.g. Whitebeard, Magellan and Fujitora, etc.) are especially sought after for tough fights, as they can wipe out all the mobs in one move if their damage is high enough.

Pure damage is important too; Offense is the best defense after all. If you have a good Vanguard or Healer, you can use your glass cannon Sniper, Ambusher or Mid-Guard for a short while, preferably during fever time to spam skills and Specials for a burst of damage, and then switch them out to safety until Panacea restores their lost HP while your Vanguard or Healer is out taking damage.

Consider making your star players 7* for some extra stats, too.

Element coverage

Element has become more important since an update, with some bosses having a resistance of up to +100% to one element (e.g. fire to Akainu) and weakness of -100% to another (e.g. water to Akainu). For this reason, other than variety in Factions, it is good to train a variety of characters whose strength lie in different elements.

Note that a character can have many different elements in their regular attacks, skills, and Specials. For example, Nami’s regular attack is Lightning, but she can use the skill Gust Sword which is Wind, and one of her Special attacks, White Snow, is Ice.

Status ailments

Status ailments can turn the tide of a battle if used well. Some skills or Specials have the effect Knock-down for example, so if you time it well with your two team-mates, you can technically knock the boss off his feet repeatedly before he gets his footing to attack you. Effects like Stun, Fear, etc. are also good for interrupting a boss’ rampage. Damage-inflicting status like Burn, Poison, etc. are good for sapping boss’ HP even as they fly/teleport/run away from your attacks.

Some bosses are immune to certain status ailments though, like Kuma can’t be knocked down, and you won’t see Akainu suffer a burn, so use this to pick your members too.


If you have other tips to share, please leave a comment!


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      Yup. The goal now is to have all 7* equip (when we finally get enough evo materials…) so 4* are not really worth investing in now. Although, since it takes so long to get 7*, you can use 4* upgraded to 6* in the meantime if you don’t mind that they get replaced (or used for Support chars) later.

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    Can you equip two special attacks in one character?

  6. Ben says:

    I mean can you use two special attacks in one character?

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