24 September 2017 10:00 ~ 7 October 2017 14:59

OPTS is having a countdown campaign for the coming broadcast of the Luffy vs Sanjji scene in One Piece anime in Japan.

The official site for the anime campaign is here.

1. Battle Mission – Unlock Voiced SA

During the campaign period, if the total number of quests cleared by all players reach 66,666, Sanji’s new Special Attack will be voiced.

2. Retweet Campaign

During the campaign period, if the following tweet is retweeted 6,666 times, all players will receive a 4* scene card commemorating the scene.

3. Countdown Mission

From now till 1 October 04:59, there will be daily missions that reward Diamonds. These missions will renew at 5am  daily. There will be new items added to the Diamond shop during the later campaign so take this time to stock up on Diamonds.


More coming soon!

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