Luck System revision and bug fixes

Luck system revision

Previously, about the Luck stat:
“Make sure to evolve your 5* character to 6* once you hit 180/180. If you waited till 200/180 to evolve into a 6-star, for example, the 20 extra medals do not count towards the 630 medals, i.e. you will end up needing 650/180 on your character to reach max luck.”

After revision, the Luck stat will not depend on when you evolve your 5*. All characters will reach max luck at 630/180.

The revision will happen in late June and existing characters will also benefit from the change.

In compensation for the complicated luck system, all players who started playing OPTS before 30 June 23:59 will receive one rainbow coin starting from 1 July 0:00.

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • If you had a connection error when playing gacha and hit “retry” you would end up playing the gacha again.
  • The daily mission had been resetting at 14:00 instead of 05:00.
  • “Remaining time” on daily mission had been showing the wrong time for some players.
  • Some players who have cleared the mission to unlock Alliance still get an error message telling them to clear the mission and cannot use the Alliance feature.


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