There is a quiz taking place on the LINE app from 19 May 19:00 to 25 May 23:59.  All players can get 3 rainbow coins if the following targets are met (1 coin per target):

  • 20,000 players get Question 1 correct
  • 10,000 players get Question 3 correct
  • 10,000 players get Question 5 correct

To participate, you have to be friends with OPTS LINE account and should receive an image about the Quiz. Paste サウストクイズ into the chat to begin the automated quiz. You will get a multiple choice question. Once you key in the answer, the next question will be sent, till the 5 questions are all answered. A correct answer will receive a response beginning with “正解!!!!!”


You can play the quiz using Google Translate, or copy-paste the following:

The 5 correct answers are listed here in sequence

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