Kizuna Quest Difficulty Adjustment

Due to overwhelming feedback from players, OPTS has announced an adjustment to the Ajito-only kizuna quests (all 3 difficulties). The change will be effected from 19:00 on 19 Jan.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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  1. Dave says:

    It definitely got better. To make it an acceptable event, it should be possible to fill out empty spots in the team with elements of one’s Storm Showdown party. Or they could introduce NPCs that don’t suck. Won’t happen though.

    Let’s do a favourable estimate. 200k quest with three people and one Storm Character gives 2000 points when killing the second Jack (relatively doable, I guess). With loading times and SA Cut-ins, it takes about 6 minutes to do one quest. That’s 20k points per hour, meaning it’d take 10 hours of farming to get there. With the farming quests being open for five days, that’s mean 2 hours a day to get to 200k.
    So should the next kizuna event be similarly difficult as this one is now, it would be… decent, I guess?

    The main problem is having a group to farm the quest with, though. And even if every Alliance member in an Alliance of 20 people would participate all the time, there would have to be one group with only two players.
    That whole thing doesn’t seem as if they thought much about it.

    Also. It somehow feels as if the developers are trying to pull something really weird now. Tried to do the ‘230000’ power recommendation Jack quest today. Used my 300k/240k Boa/Nekomamushi and was in a team with two ~300k Whitebeard(EX SA)/Enel.
    First wave took about 5 minutes due to the ridiculous amount of health everything had. Boss wave then crushed us due to normal enemies hitting like trucks and Jack having absurd amounts of health.

    I hope they were just trying to test how far their bullshit can go, and realize that they may want to turn the speed of difficulty-increase down a notch. Especially since there’s pretty much a stand-still as far as powering up characters stat-wise can go.
    I mean, the hard quests are pretty much balanced towards players with high type and faction levels and full 7* scene card load-out. It’s pretty much impossible nowadays for new players to be able to clear the missions/quests that give faction cards and 6* evo mats regularly.

    Maybe they just want to slowly piss off the Thousand Storm playerbase so that they would migrate to that new One Piece mobile game Bamco wants to release in spring(?).

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