Kizuna Event Aftermath Report

There were a lot of bugs plaguing OPTS’s first Kizuna event’s conclusion. Here is a summary for all concerned players:

  1. Kizuna point rewards were supposed to be given out on 23 Jan 15:00. On 23 Jan, players got the wrong rewards – individual kizuna points were taken as Alliance total kizuna points, resulting in many players receiving (usually) the lowest tier rewards when they had higher Alliance total points.
  2. On 25 Jan 19:00, OPTS announced that they corrected the bug and players received the correct rewards this time. All players received 1 Rainbow Coin as compensation.
  3. On 26 Jan 22:00, OPTS announced that on 25 Jan, some players received rewards as if their Alliance total kizuna points were doubled (hereafter referred to as AKPx2 rewards). To balance this, at 23:00 on 26 Jan, another set of rewards were given out again such that
  • players who got AKPx1 rewards on 25 Jan will get an additional set of AKPx2 rewards on 26 Jan
  • players who got AKPx2 rewards on 25 Jan will get an additional set of AKPx1 rewards on 26 Jan
  • e.g. if your AKP was 1 million, you would have gotten the 1 million point rewards and 2 million point rewards (in either order).

The deadline for claiming Kizuna point rewards by logging in is currently 29 Jan 23:59. Members have to be part of an Alliance to be able to claim their rewards. Claimed rewards will be sent to giftbox.  Leaders will not be able to remove members until after this deadline.

OPTS has announced that the next Kizuna event will be held ”from Spring onwards”.


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