July Update & Maintenance

There will be maintenance on 27 July 2017 10:00~19:00 (ending time subject to change).

Three major updates will be added this maintenance:

1. Clear Rank Bonus

Quests will start giving out rewards for achieving specific Clear Rank(s). The Clear Rank bonuses will be shown on the stage itself (where applicable). In the example shown below, you get S rank and its reward if you clear the stage within 1 min and 30 seconds and so on.

The first Clear Rank Bonus will begin in the coming Fame event.

P.S. While not officially announced, the image suggests that the coming Fame event could be (Dressrosa) costumed Zoro and Usopp with at least one new skill each. Also pictured is Pica, as the boss of a Grand Showdown stage.

2. Change in wording of “Recommended combined stats (STR)”

“Recommended combined stats (STR)” will be changed to “Match by combined stats (STR)” in the matching screens. Its function (matching you with players who are at least XXX STR) will not be changed.

3. Alliance Missions 

There will be a 4th tab added to Missions – Alliance Missions. You can get various rewards from Alliance Missions, including character medals. You must be in an Alliance to do these missions. You cannot redo Alliance Missions even if you change Alliances. Alliance Missions will begin in the coming Fame event.

Change in unlocking Alliance feature: previously you needed to have cleared Punk Hazard in story mode to unlock Alliance. Now you just need to be at player rank 5.

If you need an Alliance, try the list here.

See other future updates here.


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