July Storm Showdown

10 July 15:00 ~ 23 July 23:59

The first Storm Showdown is starting soon!

In Storm Showdown, you use 1 Adventure Point to start a quest. It takes 8 hours to recover 1 Adventure Point. Storm Showdown will begin on the 10th of every month.

The rewards include the medals and skill cards of:

  • Ace (Child)
  • Garp (Hero)
  • Whitebeard (Legend) [EX Character]

EX Characters have higher stats than other characters. You cannot use All-Medals on EX Characters.

You can also earn Rubies in Storm Showdown for use in Item Exchange Center.

Update: List of rewards on wiki here.


EX Whitebeard

Type: Vanguard
Attack: Special
Faction: Stamina
Auto-Skill: Will not be knocked back by enemies’ attacks. Cool-down reduces as he attacks.

Garp (Hero)

Type: Warrior
Attack: Bash
Faction: Speed
Auto-Skill: Buffs attack of self and allies nearby. The buff is greater for Marines. Can stun enemies with his regular attacks.


Ultra Bash damage to single target. Also causes stun (effect time: medium), and buffs his own physical attack (effect: medium).

Ace (Child)

Type: Vanguard
Attack: Bash
Faction: Stamina
Auto-Skill: Buffs own movement speed. Dodge rate up when HP is low.


Big Bash damage to a narrow area before him. Also causes rage (effect time: ultra) and confusion (effect time: big).


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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18 Responses

  1. bidoof says:

    Love how kid Ace does as much damage as adult Ace.

  2. AleMustDie says:

    Used my Adventure Points. Seems fun for now.
    Also there is a Kureha Card 1* in the Item Exchange Center…. for 1000 Rubies…

    But how to get the Specials? There’s no Banner. So I have to Clear those 210k Stage or what?

    Because if so, I only reach 180k average….
    And again …. another Hardcore Mode

    • Dylan says:

      S’est quoi les points aventure, et comment en obtenir car je suis bloqué au stage crocodile alors que j’ai fait à peine 3 stage ??? Tu peux m’aider à mieux comprendre lèvent

    • Shu says:

      The notices didn’t talk about the Specials. The reward list is linked in the post now, and yes you get the Special (the 4* cards in the list) from beating the stages, excluding EX Whitebeard.

  3. Shanks says:

    But how do you beat buggy at 40000 power when you can only enter with noob 15000 2 years ago group!?!?!?!?!?

    • Saraku says:

      You can replace the characters with your own and equip them with their scene cards.

      • Shanks says:

        Oh I see. I need to use the double sword area to change the teams not my usual area. The Japanese threw me off, even though the icon was obvious I simply overlooked it…. wasted 2 days….

        Thanks Saraku.

  4. Dave says:

    Wow. They made the Chibi Ace’s SA tradable in the Ruby Store after you beat the level where you get it first. Only 10 Rubies per 100 EXP copy, that’s insanely generous, since they essentially give away a level 10 SA for free (if people decide to trade their rubies for it).
    At least it eases the pain of spending 300 Coins in the Boa/Perona gacha only to get another 6* Buggy SA and nothing(!) else (that thing haunts me, every time I decide to spend my coins, I get at least one of those useless things). Didn’t even get the new 4* Card for Boa’s new normal skill. I hate this game so much.

    • Shu says:

      Yeah, just that rubies are a little limited now, but hopefully that becomes better later.

      A lot of people didn’t get Boa’s, it seems 🙁 Bad rates.

  5. bidoof says:

    Lvl 1 Kid Ace special in the Ruby Store for only 10 rubies each! Don’t miss it.

  6. nami says:

    Chuu do you think garp SA n *7 medal will still there in shop after the event ended

  7. OpLover says:

    Admin i couldnt reach garps SA stage,do you think after the event garp sa will be tradeable for everyone?

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