What is “re-roll”?

To re-roll (in the case of OPTS) is to restart your account till you get the Gacha outcome you want. It is best done when you’re just starting out and have nothing to lose by restarting your account. Some players like to re-roll to get a certain card; whether it is the strongest or one that belongs to a favorite character. Re-rolling is completely optional otherwise.

What should I aim for?

It depends on the person, but generally a 5-star Special is the goal, because most Specials can only be gotten through the coin gacha. Some settle for a 4-star Special or two because both 4-star and 5-star can be upgraded to 6-star; It’s just that you need more effort to evolve the 4-star and your Special skill level is one lower than a 5-star. (Note that currently, Special skill level is very hard to upgrade – via fusing – unless you are a heavy cash user.)

If you get a 5-star that is featured on the current Gacha banner, that is usually one of the strongest card of the current pool and you should probably keep that to play, or even give/exchange the account away if you don’t want it.

Re-roll steps in OPTS

OPTS has a short and sweet tutorial and is one of the easier apps to re-roll on.

  1. Go through the tutorial and you get a first, free Gacha pull. It is possible to get 5-star Special here, so some players re-roll this single pull to save the maximum coins they can for future Gacha.
  2. You will be asked to input name and date of birth. The player name and DOB cannot be changed later on. Keep that in mind if you plan to exchange accounts. Also note that according to players, there seem to be friend-ing (and possibly other) limitations on players whose age is too young.
  3. When the tutorial ends, if the Friend Campaign is still going on, send 15 friend requests. You should get 15 coins.
  4. Go to Menu > Present (see screenshot of interface) and collect all the login gifts (usually 10+, varies depending on on-going login campaign) and rewards (if any) in your box.
  5. Optionally play some quests (you get one for each first-time clear) to round up your coins to the nearest 5, or 50 if you wish to make use of the 10+1 Gacha bonus.
  6. Play the coin Gacha (and FP Gacha if you have FP from quests) till you get your desired card(s) or are out of coins. If you did not get your desired card(s), it’s time to restart:
  7. If you are using iOS, re-installing the app should work (un-tested). For Android, go to Settings > Application Management > OPTS and choose Clear data. If you have two devices, that’s the fastest way because you can skip the downloading of the initial patch. Simply transfer the unwanted account to another device to start fresh.

* These steps are accurate as of 21 April 2016. If there are any changes we are not aware of, please leave us a comment!

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