How to play Sabo

Want to learn more about playing Sabo? Here are some tips that you may find useful.

(Note: This post is on “Sabo”, not to be confused with “Lucy (Sabo)”. The special and skills for the two characters are different.)

Character Type: Ambusher

Sabo is an Ambusher type character.

The base stats of Ambushers, covered under the character type post, put them in the middle of the pack – they have the second-highest normal attack, tied with warriors and only second to snipers, second-highest sp after middle guards and supporters; while their normal defense is average, third after vanguards and warriors.

Ambusher Type Action, Blitz allows Sabo to dash forward for a quick attack. Useful for getting to the boss or just move forward on the map quickly.

Auto Skill

Sabo’s auto skill has the effect of decreasing cooldown time for skills along with the number of attacks.

Elemental resistance

  • +20 Fire resistance, reflective of his devil fruit power
  • -10 Water resistance, as a devil fruit user

Normal Attack

Sabo’s normal attack is close range and delivers a physical (non-elemental) attack to the targeted opponent.

Skills and Special Attack

1. Ryu no Ibuki (lit. Dragon’s Breath)

With Ryu no Ibuki, Sabo pushes his haki-imbued fists to the ground and deals physical damage to opponents.

  • Hit all surrounding opponents (useful especially when swarmed)
  • The attack is released in waves. You can tap the skill again to unleash the attack immediately rather than wait, but the damage will be lower. (Use this to take down easy mobs quickly without wasting time.)
  • Inflicts opponents with Stun status effect which leaves them momentarily unable to move

2. Ryu no Kagizume (lit. Dragon’s Talon)

Ryu no Kagizume dashes to the targeted opponent and delivers an attack with physical damage.

  • Lowers target’s defense
  • Get to the enemy quickly
  • Can hit multiple enemies if they are close together
  • Note that the dash to target is in a straight line. If there are enemies in the way before reaching the target, the attack will hit them instead.

3. Special: Hiken (Fire Fist)

Sabo jumps into the air and throws fire at the ground.

  • Wide area fire damage is good for clearing mobs
  • Causes lingering fire damage with Burn status effect.
  • A red circle appears on activation which tells you where the flames will hit. The position of the damage zone is determined by the position of the target relative to Sabo at the time of skill activation and remains fixed after. Enemies appearing in the damage zone after the skill is activated will also receive damage.
  • Evade enemy attacks in the moment when Sabo jumps into the air

Video demo

Share your tips in the comments if you have any!


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6 Responses

  1. narutard says:


    • Mushroom says:

      😀 you’re welcome!

      • narutard says:

        I kinda wish it was more tips now that I think about it it was more of a overview or the character like toughest event tips for sabo as an example but still great job

        • Mushroom says:

          Haha, it’s a lot of work if for each character post we have to re-fight TE, and there are so many of them. Sabo does pretty well in TE (except if the boss resist fire) if you know how to use his skills well though, e.g. in this video.

  2. Rior says:

    This is good enough to let new players understand how this character works as general information. If I have time to write, I hope I can supply more in depth usage of this character~ My personal sharing 1 tip, as an AMBUSHER User, you have the action type move, which is tap & hold your finger to charge (while waiting enemy spawn), release to dash in front of enemies to deal damage. This massively increase SABO’s mobility having 1 more advantage, which is reach to the enemy. Especially buffed his skill, Ryu no Ibuki (lit. Dragon’s Breath) since this need to get close to enemy in order to make good use of it. Side note just in case you don’t know, Sabo’s fire fist damage is greater than ACE’s fire fist.

    • Mushroom says:

      Thanks for sharing. Btw, if we’re looking at pure card stats alone, Sabo’s Fire Fist damage is higher than Ace’s at the same level, yeah, but don’t forget that Ace being a sniper type has higher base attack stats and there’s the bug that boosts his damage.

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