Want to learn more about playing Robin? Here are some tips that you may find useful.

Character Type

Robin is an Ambusher type character.

Ambushers excel at taking down their targets with their skills or specials. This strength is reflected in the relatively high SP of their base stats. The base stats of Ambushers, covered under the character type post, put them in the middle of the pack – they have the second-highest normal attack, tied with warriors and only second to snipers; while their normal defense is average, third after vanguards and warriors (though given that it is a fair bit lower, you may still find that Robin takes hits relatively hard if you are used to playing vanguards like Luffy or warriors like Zoro, Sanji, Brook and Rebecca).

Auto Skill

Robin’s auto skill has the effect of increasing her own dodge rate; in addition, she may lower the attack of enemies near her.

You may notice a status effect in a green circle occasionally pop up for Robin:


This is an effect from her auto skill.

Normal Attack

Robin’s normal attack has her arms sprouting out from the ground and delivering a physical (non-elemental) attack to the targeted opponent.

  • Her attack can be used from a short range. Given that Robin as an Ambusher takes hits fairly hard, make use of Robin being able to attack from a range to keep opponents from getting to her.
  • As there is a slight delay between the arms sprouting and the opponent taking damage, Robin may not be the ideal character to use on fast moving opponents or running mobs.

Skills and Special Attack

1. Mil Fleur: Kochouran (lit. Moth Orchid)

Kochouran increases the dodge rate of your teammates. The effect is marked by the same icon that appears in Robin’s auto skill.

  • The effect of increased dodge rate lasts for approximately 10 seconds.
  • This skill does not deliver damage to the opponent.

2. Mil Fleur: Campo de Flores

Campo de Flores slows down the speed of the opponent while delivering physical damage.

  • The effect is marked by this icon above the opponent’s head:
  • The skill may be helpful combined with ranged attacks to avoid attacks. However, the effect of the skill may not be felt for faster opponents or opponents that can teleport (e.g. Kizaru or Kuma).
  • Campo de Flores is effective from a distance (even if the enemy is offscreen) and may be used to keep the enemy from getting close to Robin.

3. Special: Mil Fleur Gigantesco Mano: Stomp

Gigantesco Mano: Stomp appears in the form of giant legs sprouting from the ground and stomping on the opponent.

  • Stomp debuffs (lowers the defense) of the opponent, allowing your team to deal greater damage. To maximise the advantage of this skill, use it when your teammates are available to attack.
  • Activating the skill prevents Robin from being knocked over by skills that normally fling the character away.
  • This skill  has an additional effect of stunning the opponent. However, as this skill also leaves the opponent on the ground (during which normal attacks won’t hurt them), the duration of the stun effect when the opponent is up is unfortunately shortened. The stun effect can be fully utilised for opponents that do not get knocked to the ground (e.g. Kuma).

Video demo

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