Want to learn more about playing Law? Here are some tips that you may find useful.


Law is an Ambusher type character with the auto skill “Surgeon of Death”, which has the effect of removing status ailments of allies who are in the range of his ROOM.

Ambushers excel at taking down their targets with their skills or specials. This strength is reflected in the relatively high SP of their base stats. The base stats of Ambushers, covered under the character type post, put them in the middle of the pack – they have the second-highest normal attack, tied with warriors and only second to snipers; while their normal defense is average, third after vanguards and warriors (though given that it is a fair bit lower, you may still find that Law takes hits relatively hard if you are used to playing vanguards like Luffy or warriors like Zoro, Sanji, Brook and Rebecca).

Skills and Special Attack

1. Takt

Takt creates a ROOM; targets within the ROOM are dealt 3 hits of damage and flung away at the end.

  • While this attack can be activated from a distance to the target, there is a limitation on its range. If your selected target is too far away, ROOM will simply be created somewhere in the middle, between Law and the target.
  • The skill takes about a second to create ROOM and activate. Law being attacked in that space of time will break the activation of the skill.
  • Takt may be used to break the target’s skill activation – though given its above-mentioned limited range and activation lag, you will need to weigh the possibility of getting hit before Takt is activated or position Law where he won’t be hit.
  • At the end of Takt, the enemies are flung away from their original position – this may be disruptive for your teammates who are attacking the same target, especially during boss fights, or may waste valuable time with everyone having to run after the boss.
  • There are heavyweight targets who will not be flung from their spot by this skill. Examples include Kuma and the crocodile boss of Food Quests. Using Takt on such opponents can help break their skill activation while keeping them in the same spot.

2. Countershock

When Countershock is activated, Law rushes in a straight line towards the target and leaves them stunned for a few seconds.

  • Use Countershock only when Law has a clear line to the target. If other enemies are between Law and the target, the skill will be unleashed on them instead.
  • Using Countershock when the target is already stunned or has “Chance” above their head will not prolong or override the effect. Save it for after the existing effect is over.
  • To maximise the benefit of the stun after-effect, during boss fights, it is best to use Countershock when your teammates are close by to join the attack while the boss is stunned.

3. Shambles

Shambles creates a ROOM (bigger than that created by Takt), and all enemies within ROOM are thrown into the air, receiving damage upon falling back to the ground.

  • The position of the ROOM created by Shambles depends on the relative positions of Law and the target.

    When Law is standing right in front of the target, the created ROOM extends behind the target. Being at the edge of the ROOM allows the possibility of the target walking out of ROOM before they are levitated into the air.

    You will need to consider where to position Law so as to be able to have the target and its surrounding opponents within the ROOM that Shambles creates. Standing at a certain distance from the target when activating ROOM places the target in the centre of ROOM.
  • Shambles can be activated on fallen targets.
  • Shambles makes the target disappear from everyone else’s attack range. Hence, it can be a very team-unfriendly move if used recklessly. If you don’t want your teammates annoyed with you, time your use of Shambles well.

    Time Shambles to chain after teammates’ skills or specials that end with the targets on the ground.

    Try to avoid using Shambles immediately before or after another teammate activates their special attack so as to not waste their special attack.

    Also avoid using Shambles while the enemy is stunned or have “Chance” above their head so as not to deprive your team of a good opportunity to attack.
  • Shambles may also break skill activation. If the boss is activating a skill that throws players away from them, using Shambles at the right timing can save Law from getting flung away.

Video demo

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