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Halloween Campaign

Halloween is coming! OPTS is having a Halloween campaign:

  • CFM event Nightmare Dream beginning on 21 October will feature Crocodile and Vivi with Carue in Halloween costumes.
  • For one-time only, you can do a multi-pull and be guaranteed to get one of their new EX SAs from the gacha.
  • Special commemorative 4* Halloween scene cards will be awarded to all players on their 1st login and 10th day login (starting from 21 Oct). You will earn a 3rd one from beating the VH Boss Quest of Nightmare Dream.
  • Nightmare Dream will include Bonus Quest: Zombie Party (Normal mode). You can get 4* food and evolve cards on your first clear, and it resets daily.
  • Special hour quests in Nightmare Dream will become Zombie Rush quests: the more enemies you defeat within the time limit, the more loot you will get (quest timings remain the same).


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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6 Responses

  1. Zanshou says:

    Someone can help me rushing the 1st stage in the new Boa event? My strongest unit is an Ace 160k, and i want that Boa costume because is my second strongest character… But all who join leaves the game…

    • waddedi says:

      I think you are just too weak for this thats why they leave the stage. Try to get better and come back later if you are strong enough

  2. ashw says:

    is this a jpn event only?

  3. Dani Kucheto says:

    is crocodile good?

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