Global Server This Week 18/2

SA video(s) can be found on: Event Post on Japan Server (old-age Sengoku costume not released for global server)

Reasons to Pull

  • This is Fujitora’s 2nd SA and it’s a good upgrade to the first one, with a wide range and higher damage. It also has some CC since it lifts the mobs.
  • Fujitora’s 3rd SA is bash, so when dual SA feature is out, he can be useful for stages with physical/gravity mobs.
  • Sengoku in Buddha form is immune to all ailments. This can be useful against some bosses.
  • Sengoku in Buddha form can heal himself and allies quite quickly, which is useful in a pinch. You can even cancel the heal prematurely if you want to.

Reasons not to Pull

  • Fujitora’s CC is a double edged sword – since it lifts the mobs, it can cause teammates attacks to miss their target.
  • If you’re one of the many players who invested in Blackbeard for his great CC, there is little reason to invest in another gravity user.
  • Mode Change suffers from a big disadvantage of being unable to swipe or dodge.
  • Sengoku only heals 45% HP and allies must be near him to be healed.
Are you pulling this banner?

Yes, for Fujitora
Yes, for Sengoku
No, I’ll save for another banner


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19 Responses

  1. Nico says:

    Hi everyone, is it normal that the drop rate of their skills is so low (at least compared to the 2 previous events) ? I can barely get 1, max 2 skill cards to level up the skills by run when it was 5-6 for Zeff and Sanji. It makes it so long to try & max the skills to level 10 for Sengoku & Garp. For info I run the Very Hard – Get Those Goons level.
    Thanks for any helpful tip or advice ! 🙂

    • Loul Royale' says:

      I realized it, too. The last events were easy to lvl up skills, the drop rate was very high. But I realized They were “Character Force acquisition Event” and Garp & Sengoku Event is “Character Acquistion Event”. The Kid & Drake event is now on and the rate drop for this event is very high again! This event is “Force”. So, I think the problem is about the “Character Acquistion Event”, where the drop rate is too low =(

    • Belix says:

      Hi Nico,

      I don’t play global, so the only suggestion I can give is to try farming during limited time missions? Hopefully the drop rate is better there.

    • Midnight says:

      Some of the quests were supposed to come before that big update a while back. That’s why the drop rates are lower on some quests.

  2. Jab says:

    This fest event was skipped. There was a fest event before that supposedly comes months after this marco fest but was released a few months ago. So the mechanics were kindah outdated. As you noticed, the drop rate was the same as before the revamp. It was only later that skill drop rate was increased and became easier to farm, which you have experienced with some recent events.

    Also, limited this time doesnt give skills, only food & money (kong throng).

  3. Snipes says:

    What do you mean with powercreep? Is there a JP server post where I can read about it?

  4. Mark says:

    Only real question with global is why we didn’t get the Christmas even with Nami and chopper . It’s really dumb but I hope this year the they post both boa and nami instead of just boa

  5. Rizky says:

    Happy ANNIVERSARY 1th.
    I Hope This Game, Become Number 1. In my Country..
    I love this Game, Thank U…

  6. GodEner says:

    Good review, but please, can someone tell me what CC means? I don’t know

  7. dkun says:

    hey this new update stabilized the game quite a bit it doesn’t crash every 10 min.
    I might actually squeeze in some global gameplay this time around can’t beat JP verison yet still hmm
    Hope devs. will keep up the good work!

  8. GR pirate says:

    Is it worth to collect 5* evolve materials and combine it to 6* evolve materials? Since you need 100 of them. What is the fastest way to get 6* evolve materials in future?

    • Belix says:

      I usually don’t farm unless I urgently need to evolve a card to 7* and just lack 1-2 6* evolve materials.

      Currently on JP server, the character acquisition events give 6* evolve materials as Assault Quest missions’ rewards. I get my 6* evolve materials from clearing Treasure Island events as well (they repeat periodically).

  9. King God Eneru says:

    Wish that the rates to get mode change was higher ill pull again on the next event for mode change Eneru

  10. OverDosed says:

    is it worth the pull if you are playing on a limited resource $$? or focus on bb/wb/aokiji first?

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